– Above are the top ten moments from last night’s WWE SmackDown (full results here).

– The following indie content has been added to the WWE Network: The Best of Toni Storm in PROGRESS, EVOLVE 135, ICW Fight Club (S1E3), and wXw Catch Grand Prix #1.

– In the the clip below, WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn talked about how his creativity will defeat WWE US Champion Bobby Lashley’s strength at Survivor Series on November 22. Lashley responded to the clip on Twitter:

“Look at this guy everyone! He speaks four languages! One language for every member of #TheHurtBusiness that yo”re gonna have to deal with at #SurvivorSeries. But you’re a genius right? I’m sure you’ll figure your way outta that one.”

Zayn responded and recalled how their last feud went (which was pretty much a bust among most fans) and thought they should have a different tone this time around.

“Bobby! Long time, man. Look, we could do this all again, where I insult you, disparage your military service, invite your”family’ to the ThunderDome, etc. Or, this time we try something different & just compliment each other instead? I’ll even start! You’re very jacked sir!”

Lashley, sort of, went with Zayn’s idea:

“Well thanks man! I’ll go now. You’re very light on your feet, which makes it easier to throw you around like a rag doll! This is fun! Why didn’t we do this before?!”

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