Sasha Banks Changes Her Tune Regarding Alexa Bliss?

At Survivor Series Sasha Banks defeated Asuka in a champion vs. champion match even though neither her SmackDown Title nor Asuka's Raw Title was on the line. Banks became champion at Hell in a Cell last month when she defeated her frenemy Bayley in a Hell in a Cell match.


It was the third Hell in a Cell match that Banks took part in but the first time she emerged victorious. Banks talked about being happy with how that match played out when she was interviewed by Stephanie Chase.

"I am extremely happy with that Hell in a Cell match. Bayley is absolutely my favorite opponent of all time. It went just exactly how I wanted it," said Banks. "It's kind of crazy that I and Bayley haven't had a pay-per-view match against each other, one-on-one, in five years. To have that Hell in a Cell with her was incredible. I loved that match and the outcome. I cannot believe I am the SmackDown Women's Champion and now I'm a Grand Slam Champion within the WWE. That's extremely incredible."


The Sasha Banks and Bayley storyline dates back to NXT and there have been numerous turns and reconciliations between the two. The last turn came when they were tagging and Bayley attacked Banks leading Banks to turn face and Bayley being the heel. Banks was asked how much input she's had in her storyline with Bayley.

"I've had input in my whole career! Everything I've ever wanted, I've manifested. This whole storyline with Bayley took a long time coming and there are times in the past where we saw it come out to play and come in to play. The long run, we really had to have the fans develop, seeing this long friendship, which you don't get to see in the WWE very too often," stated Banks.

"You get to see a couple weeks of the storyline here, a couple months there, but this is a long time coming, from five years of this friendship growing. Then, Bayley turning on me for all the help I've done for her career, and I didn't get any thanks. So, thank you Bayey for me becoming a SmackDown Women's Champion. I appreciate everything that you did for me.

"It's been a long time coming. It's everything I've ever wanted. Everything I've manifested has come into fruition."

Up until recently, Bayley had always been a babyface so many were shocked when the new Bayley emerged as a heel. Gone was the side pony, the inflatable tube men and the hugs and Banks was asked if she was surprised at Bayley's heel run.


"No, I am not surprised at all. This is her in real life. I would know this, because I've traveled with her for the past eight years. It's finally time for fans to see the truth," said Banks. "She's been knocking this out of the park. She is such an incredible talent and just to see her and kind of stand back, watching her grow as this heel wrestler, it's just been so amazing. She has been killing the game and it's so fun to watch. Her catchphrase alone, 'Hello, Ding Dong,' it's just been incredible."

Banks won three straight matches vs. Bayley before setting her sights on Asuka at Survivor Series. She was asked if she wants the feud with Bayley or who else she would be interested in having a storyline with.

"I want to have the most fun time that I can with WWE. Whether that's Bayley at WrestleMania, Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, it could be anybody. Of course, to main event WrestleMania is still one of my biggest dreams. To do that with Bayley would ultimately be a dream come true, but whatever WWE wants to put in front of me, I am going to overcome and just climb that mountain to be the very best," said Banks.

Every Superstar has a list of names for a dream match and Banks is no different. But when asked which legend she would like to face, she picked a current Superstar who is part of the men's roster.


"If I can choose a guy, it would have to be Rey Mysterio just because he is incredible! Such a legend. He inspires me every time I see him," revealed Banks. "I just cannot believe his incredible amazing career and how amazing he is backstage as well. He inspires me so much, but that would be a dream match for me."

As for who Banks would like to team with, she mentioned someone who she's reportedly had heat with in the past.

"I would have to choose Alexa Bliss [as a partner]. She's so cute," said Banks who in the past didn't reveal why there was heat between her and Bliss other than saying "I've seen the things she said about me."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Stephanie Chase with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.