Tom Lawlor Announced He's Tested Positive For COVID-19

Former MLW Champion Tom Lawlor announced on social media that he tested positive for COVID-19.

Lawlor explained how some time within the past two weeks, he contracted COVID-19. He is also asymptomatic and will be undergoing more tests.

His full tweet was the following, "Unfortunately some time within the past 2 weeks I contracted Covid-19. Despite being asymptomatic, I obviously had to remove myself from @ParadigmProWres this past Friday. I'll be undergoing more tests as is recommended and hopefully I'll be back ASAP once I can be!"

As Lawlor noted above, he had to miss Paradigm Pro Wrestling's "Fighting Spirit Heavyweight Grand Prix 2020" this past Friday. He was scheduled to be in a match against UFC Hall of Famer Stephen Bonnar.

Below is Lawlor's tweet: