Tony Khan Teases Big AEW "Beach Break" Show In January

AEW President Tony Khan joined on last night's AEW Full Gear post-show media scrum to answer questions about a wide range of topics. During the call, it was mentioned how AEW's next PPV, Revolution, is just under four months away, on February 27. When it comes to helping break stories up, will there be any big events between now and Revolution?


Khan confirmed there will be a show, Beach Break, taking place in January. This will likely air on TNT as a special edition of Dynamite, much like they did with Bash at the Beach.

"There's going to be Beach Break in January, and in December we've got some huge events coming up also," Khan responded. "The Dynamites coming up are going to be huge, too. So, we've got some really big Dynamites coming up, and some big events in December. We'll see some of our biggest shows we've done, I think, in January. Beach Break will be a great event."

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