Welcome to the Season 6 premiere of Total Bellas, which airs every Thursday at 9 PM EST on the E! Channel. This season, fans will get a firsthand look through the journeys that both Nikki and Brie Bella faced giving birth to their first-born sons Matteo (Nikki’s son) and Buddy (Brie’s son). Wrestling Inc. hopes you enjoy this new season!

The Twins Recap Their 2020, So Far:

The show begins by showing the date of April 28th, 2020. Nikki is having a hard time seeing her body transform throughout her pregnancy. We take a look back at last season when both women found out that they were pregnant, as well as their announcement that they’re going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Not only have they been busy getting ready for motherhood, but both of them are in the process of publishing their memoir Incomparable (available now in bookstores nationwide). Nikki is quite hesitant to reveal some dark truths she suffered during her adolescence. In her monologue, Nikki discloses that when she was younger, she was sexually assaulted twice. She said talking about it in the book was therapeutic for her, and she hopes it will help other women who’ve been victims of the same thing to find their strength again.

Artem Chigvintsev & Nikki Get A Crash Course In Baby Care 101:

Nikki reveals that although she is living in Phoenix near her family, she and Artem want to have Matteo in Los Angeles because that is where their journey began. Brie is trying to give both Nikki and Artem all the tips and tricks of child care. Artem admits that he doesn’t have a lot of knowledge on how to raise a child, but he says getting swaddled by Brie (who’s showing him how to do it) is quite awkward.

Daniel Bryan, who is on tour with WWE, gets a call from Brie. She tells him that she’s worried about Nikki and Artem having their baby in California. Daniel tells her that all she can do is be there for them now.

Nikki Finds It Hard To Tell Momma Bella About Her Horrifying Experiences:

Brie and Nikki call up their mom, Kathy Bella (Laurinaitis), to reveal what’s going to be discussed in their book, which includes Nikki’s secret. But before they do that, the twins recap what’s been going on with their mom. It appears that their mom was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. She finds herself to be in high spirits most of the time but has a hard time maintaining it most days.

When Kathy asks how the book is coming along, Nikki tells her that she’s nervous for the whole world to read about her distressing experiences. She reneges on telling her what exactly that is.

Now that their book is published, Kathy calls Brie about Nikki’s section of the book about her trauma. She is very saddened that Nikki didn’t tell her about it, and she had to read it instead. Nikki feels horrible about it.

Kathy calls Nikki to tell her she read her passage. She wants her to know how angry and sad she is that her daughter had to suffer through that. She wants to know why Nikki didn’t come to her and tell her this. Nikki says the reason she didn’t tell her was that she saw firsthand how stressed out she was trying to get divorced from their dad, and she also didn’t want to get in trouble. Kathy reassures her she would have dropped everything to be there for her daughter. She complements her bravery.

Nikki Receives Concerning News About Baby Matteo

During her checkup, Nikki finds out that her son is having some heart issues. When she comes home, she and Artem talk about it. She admits to Artem that she was diagnosed with a minor heart murmur years ago and now feels guilty that she may have passed that down to Matteo.

Later in the show, Nikki and Artem go back to L.A. to see her doctor to get some scans done. The results are good, and Nikki exhales a big sigh of relief.

Nikki Explains Why She Has To Deliver Matteo In L.A.

Brie still can’t grasp the fact that she and her sister will not be in the same hospital, let alone the same state when they give birth to their sons. While they are out getting their car washed, Nikki clears up the uncertainty by telling her sister that her insurance will not cover the cost if she were to give birth in Arizona. Brie says it is what it is, and that concludes the show.

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