Video: Paige Shows Off Her Dancing Abilities In New Instagram Post

Former WWE superstar Paige released a new video on her Instagram showing off some new dance moves under the teachings of choreographer Brinn Nicole. The 28-year old Brit admits that she is absolutely loving the mental and physical toll it takes on her.

"Always learning. Again I've never danced before so the last year I've been going to the wonderful @lovebrinnnicole she whips out near choreography every dance class. Keeping me on my toes. Mentally and psychically haha. Timings not perfect on my end but I'm loving it," Paige wrote.

Paige has also been talking about possibly forming a union after WWE's ban on third-party platforms that forced many superstars off streaming channels like Twitch, Mixer, and Cameo.

In a recent outburst, Paige stated, "I've honestly got to the point where I cannot deal with this company anymore," Paige said. "So now I have to make a very important decision. I'm f–king tired, man. I broke my f–king neck twice, twice for this company, over f–king worked. I broke my neck twice for this company and all I wanted was to... they don't realize that this community isn't just about f–king subs. It isn't about that. It isn't about that. We built a wonderful community, a wonderful f–king family where this is an escape for a lot of people, including myself.

"I can't wrestle anymore, I was worked so hard in WWE that I can't wrestle anymore. My neck is f–ked, my whole dream got taken away from me, dude, and I had to have something that fulfilled even a small part of that huge f–king void that I lost with wrestling. A huge f–king void. I couldn't wrestle anymore, something I lived, breathed, f–king s–t wrestling since I was a fetus, dude, and it got ripped away from me, and I had to find something that even filled a little bit of that. Twitch was such a wonderful thing for me, it's such a wonderful place for me."

You can read more about that story here. Check out her Instagram post below.