WWE 205 Live Recap (11/6): Mansoor Battles Adonis, Tag Team Main Event

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Intro song. (Hail the Crown)

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live from the Capitol Wrestling Center. Ashante "Thee" Adonis makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. He'll be taking on Mansoor, who has still yet to take a pinfall loss since joining the cruiserweight division. This match was announced earlier via WWE's social media channels.

Mansoor versus Ashante "Thee" Adonis

Tie-up. Aggression from both men at the top. Mansoor gains the early advantage but Adonis reverses the momentum with a hip toss. He slows the action down with a front face lock and brings Mansoor down to the mat. Mansoor gets to his feet and bounces Adonis off the ropes...Adonis connects with a flapjack, then follows up with a diving cross body. Mansoor responds by sending Adonis into the top turnbuckle. The fight spills to the outside, but eventually ends up back into the ring. Fist drops by Masnoor for a nearfall. Mansoor keeps the pressure on by applying a submission. Adonis struggles...he eventually breaks free and hits a lariat. Another lariat. This time the dropkick connects...another diving crossbody for a close two count. Mansoor to hit feet...Adonis surprises him with a cradle...ONLY TWO. Mansoor gets underneath Adonis...electric chair driver...it's over.


Mansoor wins by pinfall

Post match both men show a sign of respect by shaking hands. The camera cuts to a Curt Stallion and August Grey segment, which was filmed earlier in the day. Both men are looking to make an impact on 205 Live, and will be teaming up for tonight's headliner.

It is announced that next a week a fatal-five way matchup will be held, with the winner receiving a shot at the NXT cruiserweight championship currently held by Santos Escobar.

Main event time. The newly formed duo of Ariya Daivaro and Tony Nese are taking on the fresh faces of 205 Live, Curt Stallion and August Grey.

Tony Nese/Ariya Daivari versus August Grey/Curt Staillion

Nese and Grey begin. Tie-up. Nese forces Grey into his team's corner...Daivari runs in as Stallion getes the blind tag. Lariat from Stallion onto Daivari. Tandem offense from Grey and Stallion. They begin to wear the Premiere Athlete down. Daivari eventually gets in...sunset flip onto Stallion...he keep his momentum going forward and stomps Stallion down. Now the heels gets the heat on Stallion. Nese comes in...powerslam. Daivari right back in for a neckreaker, with Nese hitting a back elbow for a close two count. Stallion fights both men off and gets the hot tag to Grey, who runs through both Daivari and Nese, but Nese manages to snap Grey's neck over the ropes and now he's the one in peril.


Nese lands his signature springboard moonsault for a nearfall. Daivari sends Grety to the outside, then follows him out to bash his head off the commentary table. Back in the ring...Daivari hits a suplex. He picks Grey up and sends him hard into the corner with an Irish-whip. This leads to a slapping exchange between Grey and Nese, which Nese wins. Kicks from Nese to the chest. Stallion eventually gets brought back in and lands a dropkick into the corner, followed by a DDT. Nese superkicks Stallion out of the ring, but Stallion bounces back and takes out Daivari with a suicide dive. All of the action and the referee misses Daivari nailing Grey with a foreign object. Nese pins Grey for the win.

Tony Nese/Ariya Daivari win by pinfall

Daivari and Nese celebrate their big win as the show goes off the air.