WWE 205 Live Recap (11/13): 205th Episode, Fatal-Five Way To Determine New Number One Contender

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Footage from the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic is played, along with clips of the best of 205 Live episodes since its inception later that year. Vic Joseph narrates the video package, which highlights some of the division's championship reigns from the likes of Brian Kendrick, Murphy, Tozawa, and current title holder Santos Escobar.

Intro Song (Hail the Crown)

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the 205th edition of 205 Live from the Capitol Wrestling Center. Tony Nese makes his way to the ring for the programs one matchup, which is a fatal-five way to determine a new number one contender for the NXT cruiserweight championship. His opponents are Ariya Daivari, Ashante "Thee" Adonnis, Curt Stallion, and August Grey.

Tony Nese versus Ariya Daivari versus Ashante "Thee" Adonis versus Curt Stallion versus August Grey

Adonis slides to the outside and allows the other four men to go at it. Daivari and Nese blindside Stallion and Grey, but the newcomers manage to fight the veterans off and clear the ring. Grey and Stallion tie-up. Nese and Daivari immediately jump back in to retake the advantage. Adonis finally gets involved in the action...Daivari and Nese gang up on him and trap him in the corner. Daivari and Nese are left to wrestle themselves. They draw out a test of strength, which allows Grey to knock them both down with a springboard moonsault. Adonis out of nowhere with a flush dropkick. He keeps the focus on Grey and hits a series of uppercuts. Stallion steps up to Adonis and rocks him with a forearm. Standing double-stomp connects...he goes for the pin...Daivari and Nese are there very quickly to break it up. The heels join forces once again and hit Stallion with some tandem offense. Grey rocks Nese with an enizguri, then turns him inside out with a back suplex. A distraction from Daivari allows Nese to ring Grey's neck over the ropes. Nese misses his signatures springboard moonsault.

Adonis and Daivari begin brawling at ringside, while Grey and Nese trade shots in the center of the ring. Grey lands a series of strikes but Nese cuts him off with a running elbow strike. He slows the pace down by applying a headlock to Grey...Adonis sneaks behind and tosses Daivari, then puts Nese in a sleeper hold. Nese manages to create separation...he bounces off the ropes...Adonis sends him to the outside. Daivari sends out Adonis...Stallion levels Daivari with a German suplex, a corner dropkick, and a pop-up DDT. He has it won until Nese breaks up the pin. Stallion disposes of Nese, but Grey comes in and drops Stallion right on his head. Adonis grabs Grey with a gutwrench dominator. Another nearfall. Adonis tries to lariat Daivari...Daivari counters with a urangai. Daivari climbs to the top...Persian Frog-Splash onto Grey, who kicks out, but Stallion splashes him out of nowhere...Nese then 450s Stallion...HE KICKS OUT.

Suddenly the Bollywood Boyz come out and attack Grey. Adonis and Grey manage to fight them off, but Ever-Rise runs to the ring and pounds them down. Stallion headbutts Martel out of the ring, leaving Parker alone with all the babyfaces. They level him with right hands. Suicide dive and Ever-Rise and the Bollywood Boyz are taken out. Daivari grabs a gold chain and rocks Adonis. He has it won but Grey breaks it up from the outside. Stallion and Nese end up on the top rope...REVERSE SPANISH FLY. That'll do it.

Curt Stallion wins by pinfall to become the new number one contender for the NXT cruiserweight championship

Commentary applauds all five men for their incredible effort, then praise Stallion for earning a championship opportunity so early in his WWE run. Stallion celebrates.

That's the show friends.