WWE 205 Live Recap (11/27): Stallion Battles Mendoza In The Main Event, Daivari Takes On Grey

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Intro song. (Hail the Crown)

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live from the Capitol Wrestling Center. August Grey makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. He'll be taking on Ariya Daivari, who is accompanied to the ring by former NXT cruiserweight champion Tony Nese.

August Grey versus Ariya Daivari

Tie-up. Daivari pushes Grey into the corner, then pats Grey on the head as the referee separates them for a reset. Second tie-up...Daivari grabs a wrist and continues to taunt Grey by slapping him across the head. Headlock from Daivari...Grey bounces him off the ropes and gets nailed by a shoulder block. Grey fires back with a fake-out superkick, then nails a frankensteiner to give him the advantage. Modified powerslam by Grey for an early nearfall. Grey continues to string his offense together by hitting a corner strike and a bulldog. As he picks Daivari up Daivari whips Grey's neck off the ropes, then wishbones him across the ringpost. Daivari later targets the knee by whipping it hard off the post. Back in the ring Daivari cranks on the ankle of the damaged leg before driving a stiff elbow into the thigh. Grey tosses Daivari to the outside, but Daivari retakes control by chop blocking Grey's leg.


Grey ducks a lariat and begins mounting a comeback. Jumping neckbreaker from Grey...Daivari rolls to the outside and demands someone at ringside hand him his gold chain. Grey out of nowhere with a suicide dive! He throws Daivari back in the ring...twisting crossbody by Grey. He comes up holding his leg, but keeps the pressure on Daivari by hitting a superkick. Cover...Daivari kicks out. Grey attempts another maneuver...Daivari counters and applies the figure-four leglock. Grey manages to power out...he connects with a twisting back-suplex for another close two. Grey puts Daivari on the top rope...Daivari pushes him off and lands the Persian Frog-Splash. That's not enough to keep Grey down. Daivari with a uranagi. Still not enough. He calls for the hammerlock-lariat...Grey has it scouted...rope-assisted unprettier from Grey...HE GOT HIM!

August Grey wins by pinfall


Cut to a promo from earlier in the day by Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde of Legado Del Fantasma. They say that new number one contender Curt Stallion should stop running his mouth and saying the name of their boss, and current cruiserweight champion, Santos Escobar. Mendoza promises to prove something to Stallion in their match later tonight.

After a commercial...the Bollywood Boyz continue to celebrate their victory over Ever-Rise from last week's show. They hope to soon hear from Ariya Daivari or Tony Nese, who they claim they want to be friends with.

Main event time. Legado Del Fantasma's music hits. Raul Mendoza makes his way to the ring along with Joaquin Wilde. The champ is not with them. Curt Stallion is out next. Here we go.

Curt Stallion versus Raul Mendoza

Tie-up. Mendoza grabs a waistlock, then slams Stallion to the mat. Stallion applies an aggressive wristlock onto Mendoza but the young luchadore reverses the pressure and transitions to a headlock. Mendoza pops over Stallion near the ropes and connects with a stiff chop. He charges Stallion in the corner...Stallion dumps Mendoza to the apron but Mendoza pops up on the ropes and hits a running missile dropkick. Mendoza talks some trash...Stallion responds by chopping him across the chest. Mendoza tosses Stallion into the corner and stomps him down. He pulls Stallion to the center and locks in a cobra-clutch.


Running corner lariat from Mendoza, who follows up with a running dropkick. Mendoza seemingly has the match won but Mendoza pulls Stallion up on the pinfall attempt. He screams at Stallion that he will never be a cruiserweight champion. This wakes Stallion up, who lays in big blows, including a discus elbow. Mendoza rolls to the outside...Stallion hits a suicide dive! Back in the ring Stallion hits his signature running corner boot, running corner dropkick, and pull-up DDT.

Standing double-stomp from Stallion for a nearfall. Stallion climbs to the top...Mendoza meets him up there and is in the better position...Stallion creates some space but Mendoza rolls up and rocks Stallion with an enziguri. Springboard frankensteiner from Mendoza.The pace picks up...each man trading counter after counter...Stallion steals it with a victory roll!

Curt Stallion wins by pinfall


As soon as the match ends Joaquin Wilde runs in and attacks Stallion from behind. Although Stallion puts up a good fight, Wilde and Mendoza get the better of him and pummel him in the corner. Wilde and Mendoza pose at the top of the ramp...Santos Escobar appears and poses with his crew as Stallion looks on from the ring.

That's the show friends.