WWE began a new storyline with Angel Garza with a backstage segment on tonight’s RAW episode. You can see video from the segment above.

WWE noted in their RAW recap that Garza delivered his “mysterious message for a secret admirer” in the WWE Universe.

Garza opened the promo by saying he had a message for a “special someone” in the WWE Universe. He talked about how the feelings the person feels when they see him, the butterflies and everything else, are real because he feels the same way. He noted that while they cannot share each other’s company right now, they can share the same intimate feelings. Garza continued and said he knows the person is out there, watching with those eyes and that smile. He then produced a rose and said this was for that special someone.

Garza had brief storylines earlier this year where he flirted with Charly Caruso and Demi Burnett of The Bachelor, but those storylines were randomly dropped a few months ago. He’s also had random backstage moments with Lana and Mandy Rose at times.

Garza is now on his own on the RAW brand after Zelina Vega was drafted to SmackDown, and Andrade took some time off to undergo an operation, following their split in the storylines. There’s no word yet on where WWE is headed with this new storyline, but we will keep you updated.