WWE hosted a virtual Town Hall-style meeting for employees this morning, which includes several executives – Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon, President & Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan, Chief Financial Officer Kristina Salen, and Senior Vice President of Consumer Products Sarah Cummins, among others.

The biggest news coming out of the all-hands-on-deck meeting was that WWE will be instituting a new, flexible work policy moving forward, according to PWInsider. With the new policy, employees will be able to choose to work from the WWE HQ offices or from home, and will not be required to return to full-time work in the office. This all depends on what role the employee has with the company.

WWE continues to work on their new, much larger headquarters in Stamford, CT, near the current building, but the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed the process.

Salen revealed during the meeting that she will be holding presentations for WWE’s quarterly earnings reports, for employees, so she and the company can directly communicate with the employees. The earnings presentations for employees would take place after the earnings call with investors.

The meeting was described as mostly positive with officials thanking everyone for their hard work, and stressing that they want to increase internal communication so that everyone has greater awareness of how WWE is doing. It was noted that there were a lot of questions about what brought Khan and Salen to the company.

Stay tuned for updates.

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