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Excalibur welcomes us to AEW Dark along with Taz and Olympic bronze medalist Anthony Ogogo as they hype up tomorrow’s “Winter Is Coming” edition of Dynamite. They throw it to Justin Roberts who introduces our first match of the night.

Shawn Spears (w/Tully Blanchard) vs. KTB

Spears starts off with taunts on KTB after knocking him down. Scorpio Sky’s music plays! Sky holding the blunt object from their previous match. Sky sits on the ramp area, and KTB takes advantage of a distracted Spears by rolling him up for a two count. Sky stares at Spears. Spears lays it to KTB as he continues to look back on Sky. Spears tries to invite Sky to the ring, but Sky is unfazed. Spears locks in a Scorpion Deathlock for the submission win.

Winner: Shawn Spears

Post-match: Sky runs into the ring as Blanchard raises Spears’ hand. Sky picks up KTB and hits a TKO! Sky walks off as Spears is left confused.

“Absolute” Ricky Starks in action next!

Ricky Starks vs. Damian Fenrir

Starks drops Fenrir onto the mat and slaps Fenrir on the head multiple times. Fenrir tries to get some offense in, but Starks with a chop and a strong takedown. Starks brings Fenrir onto the corner and hits a few tackles as he blows kisses to the camera. Starks does more showboating as Fenrir tires to mount a comeback. Starks hits a dropkick and chokes Fenrir before the ref breaks them apart. Fenrir is slow in his comeback attempt allowing Starks to take back control and hits Roshambo for the win.

Winner: Ricky Starks

Brandon Cutler looks to keep his win streak alive next!

Brandon Cutler vs. Danny Limelight

Cutler and Limelight start strong. Limelight hits a huricanranna pin combo but only gets a two count. Limelight loses his footing allowing Cutler to hit a dropkick, and he also gets a two count. Limelight later throws Cutler into the corner. He throws Cutler’s left arm onto the corner and starts working the left arm. Limelight works his way into a cross armbreaker. Cutler uses his power and plants him with a powerbomb. Limelight is able to drop Cutler onto the ropes. He runs in and drags Cutler’s arm as he dives to the outside. Cutler and Limelight trade strikes. Limelight sneaks his way into a sleeper!

Cutler again using his power to pick up Limelight and backs Limelight into the corner. Cutler picks up Limelight and lands a side slam but only gets a two count! Cutler comeback with some highflying kicks. Cutler not able to get the TPK, but he finds a way to an springboard elbow strike. Cutler tries a tope suicida, but Limelight catches him and gets him in a Fujiwara armbar. The ref has to break things up as they are on the outside. Limelight jumps off the ropes, but Cutler catches him and hits TPK for his fifth straight win!

Winner: Brandon Cutler

– Ad for The Young Buck’s new memoir plays.

“Pretty” Peter Avalon looks to make it two in a row next.

Peter Avalon vs. Jon Cruz

Cruz comes out in a different look sporting a lot of AEW merch. Cruz and Avalon lock up, and Cruz pushes Avalon to the corner leading to a ref break up and Avalon insisting that his face not be touched. A “touch his face” chant breaks out in the crowd. Fast paced action as Avalon tries to control the pace by protecting his face, but Cruz starts building some momentum. Avalon takes control and sends Cruz to the outside as he takes a break and relaxes on the rope. Avalon slows the pace down and gets Cruz with some heavy strikes.

Cruz starts mounting his comeback after countering Avalon’s diving axhandle onto the corner. Cruz hits some uppercuts on Avalon’s face as the crowd encourages Cruz. Avalon catches Cruz has he tried to mount off the corner and hits a flapjack. Then he hits Marti-knees for his second win in a row!

Winner: “Pretty” Peter Avalon

Shanna back in action after eight months next!

Shanna vs. Tesha Price

Strong lock up to start. Shanna tries to shake Price’s hand, but Price tries a sneak attack. Shanna counters and quickens the pace of the match. Shanna tries for a dropkick, Price moves out of the way and her ankle looks to get caught on the middle rope. Price takes advantage hits Shanna with a series of kicks to the midsection. Price drags Shanna by her air to the corner and hits some heavy shots on Shanna. Price with a cartwheel kick, bulldog and pin attempt but only gets a two count.

Price tries to wear down Shanna. Shanna catches Price’s kick, and Shanna unleashes a flurry of chops then hits a stunner. Price is laying on the ropes setting up Shanna to hit a drop kick. Shanna hits a bridging tiger suplex for a win in her AEW return.

Winner: Shanna

– We cut to Sky sitting at the end of a stairway. He is informed that Spears will still not grant him a rematch. Sky storms off without saying a word.

More women’s action up next!

KiLynn King vs. Katalina Perez

King starts off by working a side headlock, but Perez counters with a head scissors before King is able to come back and maintain her headlock. King uses her power on Perez. King hits a body slam, tries for a pin but only a two count. Perez slams King to the mat and starts to take control of the match. King coutners Perez’s strike on the corner and hits a missile dropkick off the second rope! King then hits a German suplex. Perez tries to mount a comeback after a spinning heel kick, but King grabs Perez from behind and hits The Kingdom for the victory.

Winner: KiLynn King

Best Friends in action next!

Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent) (w/Orange Cassidy) vs. Adam Priest & Sean Maluta

Taylor and Maluta start things off as the two grapple back and forth. Neither are able to maintain an advantage and they tag in their partners. Trent uses his size and power against Priest. Priest tries to use his speed and athleticism, but Trent is able to slow Priest down. Best Friends work together with dual elbow drops. Priest stuns Trent with a chop and a German suplex. Priest tags in Maluta in who hits a Samoan Drop. He pins Trent only for a two count. Maluta takes out Taylor but that leaves Trent an opportunity to come back and provide an opportunity to tag in Taylor. Chaos ensues leading to Trent spearing Maluta on the outside taking him out of the matchup. Best Friends hit their combo moves on Priest. They hug for the Rainmaker zoom out before Best Friends hit piledrivers on Priest for the win.

Winners: Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent)

Post-match: Best Friends hug Cassidy for another Rainmaker zoom out. Cassidy raises his arms in excitement.

– A Little Bit Of The Bubbly Ad plays

“The Librarian” Leva Bates in action next.

Leva Bates vs. Alex Gracia

Ricky Starks joins commentary. Bates comes out with the new NCT album and a copy of The Young Bucks’ memoir. Gracia tries to show her skills and taunts Bates with the shush taunt. Gracia walks into an abominable stretch and does the shush taunt onto her. Gracia gets out and hits Bates with a strong knee strike in the corner. She goes for the pin but only a two count. Bates starts her comeback with rolling into the ring for a spear. Bates hits a northern lights suplex, cover but only a two count. Gracia gets Bates in a body scissors and bridges for a submission attempt. She rolls Bates into a pin attempt but a two count. Bates rolls Gracia into a half nelson pin and gets the surprise victory!

Winner: Leva Bates

Post-match: Bates gives Gracia The Young Bucks book as a token of sportsmanship, and she olbiges as they both walk out together.

Six-man tag action next!

Angel Fashion, Shawn Donavan & VSK vs. The Gunn Club (Austin Gunn, Billy & Colten Gunn)

Gunn Club come out to Taz’s towel entrance pissing Taz and and Starks off. Colten and Donovan gets things started as Colten uses his power and athleticism to help Gunn Club gain momentum. Donovan is able to escape from Gunn Club’s corner and tag in VSK who gets things going for his team on Austin. Austin keeping the pace for his team even with Fashion tagging in. Gunn Club hit a triple team attack on Fashion, pin attempt but only a two count. VSK assists Fashion by kicking Colten as he tries to bounce off the ropes. Colten tries to fight out of the opposing corner as he and VSK hit clotheslines on each other. Austin gets the hot tag and takes out everyone. VSK tags in but runs into a Quick Draw, Austin pins and gets the three as Billy does the ass dance on top of VSK.

Winners: The Gunn Club (Austin Gunn, Billy & Colten Gunn)

– Another ad for The Young Bucks’ book plays.

Matt Sydal in action next!

Matt Sydal vs. Aaron Solow

Sydal tries to convince Solow to open his third eye as the two get face-to-face. Sydal tries to get Solow down for a pin but to no avail. Solow starts to build some momentum but a missed drop kick allows Sydal to hit Solow with a kick and a standing Phoenix Splash. Solow throws Sydal into the corner dazing him as Solow taunts Sydal and plays to the crowd. Solow continues to taunt Sydal by hitting a few hair whips after a clothesline into the corner.

Solow tries to bounce off the ropes but is met with a drop kick to the face. Sydal starts his comeback. Sydal hits a northern lights bomb, pins him but only gets a two count! Solow counters Sydal with a body scissors then a spinning high kick, pins but only a two count. More fast paced action before Sydal locks Solow with a Cobra Clutch. Solow powers out, but Sydal lands Aftershock for the win!

Winner: Matt Sydal

The Dark Order is in action for more men’s tag action.

Baron Black & Fuego Del Sol vs. The Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson)

Del Sol plays a few mind games with Grayson as Del Sol uses his quick offense to get him and Black going. Grayson counters Del Sol and Black’s tag team combo. He throws Del Sol to the outside and tags in Uno, but Black is able to keep control for his team. Black tags in Del Sol who tries to use his quick offense again, but Uno overpowers Del Sol as The Dark Order keep Del Sol in their corner with a flurry of tag team offense. Uno mocks Del Sol as he tries to tag in Black before biting his fingers!

More tag team offense from The Dark Order as Grayson starts mocking Del Sol. The Dark Order start mocking Black, but that provides an opportunity for Del Sol to collect himself and run in to tag in Black as he takes out both Uno and Grayson. Del Sol and Black try to hit a tag team combo, but Grayson’s distraction allows Uno to take out both Del Sol and Black. Grayson hits Nightfall on Black on the outside as Uno hits a reverse STO for the win.

Winners: The Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson)

More tag team action next!

Cezar Bononi & Ryzin vs. Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison

Ryzin insists he starts off the match against Pillman Jr. Pillman Jr. starts things off working a headlock on Ryzin. Pillman Jr. with some showmanship as he he shows off his power with a few shoulder tackles. With an assists from Bononi, Ryzin Irish whips Pillman onto the outside. Bononi is takes advantage of a distracted ref to land a few shots on Pillman Jr. before Ryzin dives in a lands a few strikes of his own. Bononi and Ryzin try for a combo, but Pillman Jr. counters and hot tags in Garrison. Pillman Jr. and Garrison work together to take out Bononi and hit a neckbreaker and spinebuster combo for the win.

Winners: Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison

– A Little Bit Of The Bubbly ad with The Inner Circle plays

Women’s action up next!

Ivelisse vs. Lindsay Snow

Ivelisse and Snow start off trading by heavy strikes. Action goes to the outside. Ivelisse hits a flipping senton onto Snow on the outside! Ivelisse gets a neck crank going. Ivelisse starts showboating allowing Snow to get some kicks in. They trade kicks, until they both hit a big boot in each other’s face! Snow hits a few clotheslines and later hits a running knee, cover but only a two count. Snow tries for a pumphandle, but Ivelisse flips out and hits Snow with a heel kick. Snow isn’t fazed and picks up Ivelisse again. Ivelisse shakes her way out and tags Snow with a kick to the neck. She hits Recoil for the win.

Winner: Ivelisse

Men’s tag team action up next!

Bobby Wayward & George South Jr. vs. The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)

Caster drops a freestyle rap on Wayward and South Jr. as The Acclaimed make their entrance. Caster and South Jr. start things off. South Jr. catches Caster with a few arm drags, but Caster gets South Jr. with his won arm drag and tags in Bowens. Wayward tags in for his team and gets some quick offense before Bowens takes control. Caster gets tagged in and taunts Wayward.

Wayward has a chance to comeback, but Caster halts the comeback and blows more kisses. South Jr. gets tagged in and tries to take out The Acclaimed, but The Acclaimed hit a back body drop and backstabber combo. Bowens takes out Wayward and sets up Caster for Claim To Fame for the victory.

Winners: The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)

– Another ad for “Young Bucks: Killing the Business from Backyards to the Big Leagues”

More men’s tag team action featuring Chaos Project coming up next.

Alex Chamberlain & Seth Gargis vs. Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico)

Serpentico tries to start things off for his team, but Luther wants to start. They tag out their opponents, but Gargis takes control and hits a drop kick on Chaos Project. Chamberlain tags in and hits Serpentico with a few power moves. Luther distracts Chamberlain giving Serpentico a chance for a comeback to tag in Luther. Chaos Project “work together” on Chamberlain as Luther uses Serpentico to hit Chamberlain as Chaos Project keep Chamberlain in their corner. Serpentico wants to use Luther for offense, but he can’t lift Luther up as Luther uses Serpentico again to hit Chamberlain, which only wears down Serpentico.

Serpentico does not want to be thrown again, but Luther throws Serpentico anyway onto Chamberlain. Serpentico is too worn out allowing a fresh Gargis to tag in. Gargis throws Serpentico around. Luther grabs Gargis’ legs as he has Serpentico over his shoulders allowing Serpentico to tag in Luther. Chaos Project hit The Creeping Death on Gargis for the win!

Winners: Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico)

Our co-main event featuring women’s singles action is up next!

Lady Frost vs. Red Velvet

Some fast-paced action to start. Velvet gets Frost in the corner and hits some heavy strikes as she taunts Frost. She hits a dropkick, pin but only a two count. Velvet hits a few forearms onto Frost. Velvet runs to the corner, but Frost throws Velvet into the middle turnbuckle. Frost and Velvet exchange offense as Frost looks to gain momentum with a fury of strikes and kicks. Velvet powers her way out of a submission attempt as Velvet takes back momentum. Velvet hits a running boot on the side of Frost’s head, pin and a win for Velvet.

Winner: Red Velvet

– Three-way tag team action up next in our main event for this evening!

Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss vs. The Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) (w/Marko Stunt) vs. The Dark Order (Alan “5” Angels & Preston “10” Vance)

Bell has not rung yet but everyone hits their offense right away after Vance catches Janela with a boot. Janela and Kiss team up to take out Jungle Boy. Vance takes out Janela as the camera man gets taken out! Bell rings with Vance and Janela starting things off. Dark Order have control, but Janela does not care as he flips double birds to Angels, which leads to Angels kicking Janela on the back.

Dark Order control the pace to start off as Vance takes out Kiss. Janela tries to tag in Kiss but didn’t see Vance taking him out before. Janela maneuvers his way out of Dark Order’s tag team combo and takes them both out before tagging in Kiss who picks up the pace in the match. Jungle Boy blind tags himself in and starts going to work on Angels and Vance. Vance hits a huge German suplex to halt Jungle Boy’s momentum! Dark Order now trying to stop Jungle Boy from tagging in Luchasaurus.

Jungle Boy bounces off the ropes and hits Angels with a big clothesline. Luchasaurus and Kiss tag in. Dark Order try to gang up Luchasaurus, but he take out both members and plants Kiss, pin but Dark Order break it up. Chaos ensues with Luchasaurus launching Angles, but Vance catches Angles who throws Angels to Janela, and Angles hits a DDT. Insane action as Janela hits a Death Valley Driver on Angels onto Jungle Boy laying on the apron! Kiss hits a moonsault onto both Luchasaurus and Vance on the outside! Kiss brings Luchasaurus in, but Luchasaurus hits a headbutt onto Kiss. Jungly Boy launches himself off the top rope over Luchasaurus and hits a Destroyer on Janela!

Dark Order come in and try to take control. Jungle Boy counters, and Luchasaurus picks up Angels and throws him to Jungle Boy for a powerbomb. Jurrasic Express win.

Winners: The Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) (w/Marko Stunt)

Excalibur hypes up the “Winter Is Coming” edition of Dynamite tomorrow before signing off. That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!

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