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Rey Fenix (w/Penta El Zero Miedo) vs. Vary Morales

Rey Fenix tries to shake Vary Morales’ hand, but Morales refuses as Morales tries to go on the quick attack as the bell rings. Fenix counters quickly as they each try for quick pins. Morales catches Fenix with a single-leg dropkick, cover but only a one count. Morales smashes Fenix with a boot, and then hits a corner senton and a cannonball, cover, Fenix with another quick kick out. Fenix powers out of a chinlock, but Morales drops Fenix with a dropkick, cover, but Fenix kicks out at two.

Fenix slingshots from the ropes and hits a hook kick. Fenix later follows up with a springboard moonsault, but Morales evades. Fenix hits a dropkick and poses as he covers as Morales kicks out. Morales connects on the hurricanrana then a tornado DDT, cover, 1-2-no! Morales hits a shotgun dropkick sending Fenix to the corner, but Fenix hits his own kick to send Morales to the corner. Step-up corner kick and then he has Morales up in a Muscle Buster into a driver for the win.

Winner: Rey Fenix

“The Super Bad Girl” Penelope Ford in action next!

Penelope Ford (w/Kip Sabian) vs. Lindsay Snow

Penelope Ford and Lindsay Snow lock up, but Snow quickly takes Ford down into a calf crusher, but Ford reaches the ropes. Ford takes Snow down and slams her into the second corner buckle. Ford catches Snow with a pump kick and taunts Snow dragging her boot while Snow is hanging on the apron. Ford follows up with double knees off the corner onto the apron. Snow hits a few strikes and a clothesline, cover, but Ford kicks out. Ford gets Snow hanging on the ropes again, and the ref is forced to step in for a break. Ford hits a cartwheel back elbow then a springboard cutter for the win.

Winner: Penelope Ford

Dark Order in tag team action next!

Shawn Dean & Tyson Maddux vs. The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver)

Alex Reynolds and Shawn Dean start things off for their teams. The two trade shoulder blocks as Tyson Maddux tags in and trades strikes with Reynolds. Dux with a couple of leaps over Reynolds and hits a powerslam on Reynolds. He follows up with a clothesline then a hanging suplex, cover, but Reynolds kicks out. Reynolds finds an opening to tag in John Silver. Silver and Reynolds combine for a flapjack / European uppercut combo. Silver hits a heavy kick and yells “I’m freaking jacked baby!” Silver hits another kick and yells “Did you see that?” One more kick, cover, but Maddux kicks out.

Reynolds tags in and goes to work on Maddux as Dark Order corner Maddux. Reynolds with a neckbreaker, cover, but Maddux kicks out. Maddux tries to fight back, and he does as Reynolds takes too much time taunting. Dean tags in and hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Reynolds then a step-up enzuguri on Silver. Dean goes back and forth on Reynolds and Silver. DDT from Dean, cover, 1-2-no! Dean and Maddux try for a double suplex, but Reynolds flips out and hits a double stomp on Dean. Successive amount of moves ending with a Stunner from Reynolds, German Suplex from Silver then a jackknife cover for the win.

The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver)

More Dark Order action as Anna Jay is in competition coming up!

Anna Jay (w/Tay Conti) vs. Jazmin Allure

Anna Jay quickly pushes Jazmin Allure down. Jay with a standing switch and takes down Allure as she hooks in a neck crank. Allure powers out, but Jay counters with a quick elbow. Jay poses before hitting a rolling kick in the corner and trash talks towards Allure. Jay with some heavy strikes in the corner as she does more showboating. Allure takes advantage and starts to get fired up. Allure misses a corner strike and hits a Jay Kick to take down Allure. Jay with another high kick then drops Allure into The Queen Slayer, and Allure taps out.

Winner: Anna Jay

– Reba (Rebel) welcomes in Britt Baker for another episode of The Waiting Room. Baker hypes up Brian Cage vs. Darby Allin for the TNT Title and hopes Cage makes Allin an “emo piece of origami”. She also talks about the AEW World Title match with Kenny Omega and Rey Fenix. She also notes that Cody Rhodes stole Jon Moxley’s spotlight when it comes to baby announcements. Guest Matt Sydal is introduced. Baker makes a joke about Sydal’s slip in the battle royal in his AEW debut. Sydal says it was “a near-death experience that brings you close to transcendence.” Sydal talks about his winning streak as Baker is not impressed noting he “can’t win the big one”. Sydal says at “New Year’s Smash”, the AEW ring “will be my realm”.

A mail call comes in! Baker is asked by TBS to hang a poster of the “Go Big Show”. Sydal questions if his match against Rhodes is just a means to promote his show. He says he and Snoop “would smoke him in a tag match”. Sydal notes that he and Rhodes shared a magazine cover and Rhodes is probably not happy about it. Sydal draws in a third eye on the Rhodes’ picture in the poster. Baker wishes Sydal luck in his match as it will be his “comeback splash” as the episode closes.

Team Taz in action next in six-man tag action!

James Tapia, Nick Comoroto & Ryzin vs. Team Taz (Brian Cage, Powerhouse Hobbs & Ricky Starks) (w/Hook)

Powerhouse Hobbs and Nick Comoroto stand toe-to-toe as Comoroto’s punch does not faze Hobbs as Hobbs takes him down and scowls at the camera. FTW Champion Brian Cage tags in as he and Hobbs hit a double back body drop. Ryzin tags in and gest the better of Cage, but Cage flattens Ryzin. Cage hits an enzuguri before tagging in Ricky Starks as Team Taz take advantage of a distracted referee. Hook lights up Ryzin with a clothesline on the outside as Starks distracts the ref again. Starks taunts Ryzin as he takes his time wearing him down.

Ryzin flips out of a suplex and tags in James Tapia who comes in and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Cage comes in and hits Tapia with a discus clothesline. Comoroto takes out Cage who runs in a spinebuster from Hobbs. Ryzin drops Hobbs with a missile dropkick. Chaos all around as Starks hits a spear on Ryzin, Hobbs hits a slam on Comoroto and Cage ends the match with a Drill Claw on Tapia.

Winners: Team Taz (Brian Cage, Powerhouse Hobbs & Ricky Starks)

Griff Garrison in action next!

Griff Garrison (w/Brian Pillman Jr.) vs. Fuego Del Sol

Fuego Del Sol tags with a few kicks. Garrison misses a forearm smash in the corner as Del Sol tries to use his speed, but Garrison knocks Del Sol down with a kick as he tried to springboard off. Garrison catches Del Sol and hits repeated backbreakers, cover, but Del Sol kicks out as Peter Avalon is on commentary awing at Garrison’s look and prowess.

Garrison as Del Sol in a chinlock, but Del Sol gets out of hit and hits a basement dropkick on Garrison. Del Sol working on Garrison’s left arm hitting a standing moonsault on it, cover, but Garrison kicks out. Garrison building momentum hitting a diving splash, lariat, cover but Del Sol manages to kick out! Del Sol wiggles out of Garrison’s shoulder and uses his speed and catches Garrison in an arm bar. Garrison powers out. Del Sol tries for a tornado DDT, but Garrison repels Del Sol and hits a rolling elbow for the win.

Winner: Griff Garrison

– Post-match: Avalon goes up to Garrison and gives him his signed 8 x 10, but Garrison throws it to the ground and walks away. Avalon is not pleased.

Santana and Ortiz in action coming up!

TNT (Terrell Hughes & Terrence Hughes) vs. The Inner Circle (Ortiz & Santana)

Santana and Terrell starting out as Terrell gains control, but Santana takes down Terrell with an arm drag. Another lock-up as Santana tries for a shoulder tackle, but Terrell is not impressed. The two bounce of the ropes and Santana tags Terrell with a kick. Santana with Three Amigos before tagging in Ortiz for a double suplex, cover, but Terrell kicks out. Ortiz gets taken down by a big shoulder tackle and tags in Terrence who hit a combination shoulder tackle, cover, but Ortiz kicks out. Terrence with another shoulder tackle as he hits some heavy punches on Ortiz in the corner. Ortiz drops Terrence with a DDT. Leg drop but Terrence kicks out. Santana gets a blind tag off and hits a springboard crossbody, cover, kick out.

Terrence tries to evade Santana and Ortiz but runs into a Death Valley Driver / neckbreaker combo. Ortiz hits some short clotheslines while maintaining wrist control and tags in Santana who hits a double stomp on Terrence’s arm. Terrence hits a bell-to-belly suplex and crawls over to tag in Terrell as Ortiz also tags in. Terrell hits a stronger clothesline then a backbody drop. Ortiz runs into a powerslam, cover, 1-2-no! Terrence tags in, and TNT hit a 3D! Cover but Santana breaks up the pin! Santana rolls through for a cutter, Ortiz hits a powerbomb and lifts Terrence up as Santana hits a knee and sunset flip cover the win.

Winners: The Inner Circle (Ortiz & Santana)

More Inner Circle action as Sammy Guevara is in singles competition next!

Aaron Solow vs. Sammy Guevara

Sammy Guevara drops Aaron Solow and spins around and poses. Guevara maintain control, but Solow catches Guevara in a submission. Guevara transitions into a cross armbreaker. Solow transitions out and gets Guevara in the corner. The ref calls for a break as Solow whips his hair on Guevara. Guevara taunts Solow and hits a dropkick on Solow. Guevara tries for a springboard, but Solow catches him with a dropkick to the mid-section as Guevara rolls to the outside. Solow hits a plancha, gets Guevara back into the ring for a cover, but Guevara kicks out.

The two wrestlers trade chops, and Guevara gets the better of Solow, but Solow counters Guevara in the corner. He hits a suplex, cover, but Guevara kicks out again. Solow going up top, but Guevara catches him with a knee to the face! Solow rolls out as Guevara does some push-ups. Guevara feints a plancha and hits a springboard moonsault on Solow as he trash talks towards the crowd. Guevara goes up tope, but he takes too much time as Solow rolls out and works his way into a double stomp, cover, 1-2-no! Solow with a rolling high kick. Guevara follows up with a kick of his own. Solow with a double stomp again, but Guevara counters into the GTH for the win.

Winner: Sammy Guevara

– Post-match: Guevara gets a mic and says “another win for the good guys baby.” Guevara notes that it’s another win to hopefully get back in the rankings for the titles. Guevara also notes that it’s his 10-year anniversary of being a professional wrestler as he says it’s not “internet hype” that got him here. He talks about how he “busted his ass for 10 years” to get to AEW as he talks about the grind he did on the indies. He says he’ll keep working no matter who’s next as he proclaims himself “THE Man at AEW.”

More tag team action next!

Ariel Levy & El Cuervo de Puerto Rico vs. Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico)

El Cuervo de Puerto Rico and Serpentico start things off. Quick back and forth as El Cuervo trips up Serpentico and hits a springboard moonsault. Ariel Levy and Luther tag in as Luther over powers Levy. Levy uses his speed and drops Luther with a knee strike then a sunset flip. Luther counters with a strong clothesline and tags in Serpentico as Luther uses Serpentico as a weapon to take out Levy and El Cuervo. Serpentico with a strong kick as he tags in Luther who again uses Serpentico as a weapon. Serpentico refuses to be used as a weapon, but Luther reverses the Irish Whip and Luther gets his way, cover, but Levy kicks out.

Luther hits a suplex and tags in Serpentico. Serpentico in visible pain, but Luther uses Serpentico to hit leg drop, cover, and Levy kicks out again. Serpentico holds onto Levy and tags back in Luther. Levy flips out of a double suplex attempt and tags in El Cuervo. Cuervo blasting Chaos Project with a series of clotheslines and kicks. Cuervo with a few enzuguri’s and a flying crossbody, cover, but Luther comes in to break up the pin. Luther drops Levy with an outside cannonball. Serpentico gains control and hits a huge superkick. Luther with a blind tag and drops Cuervo with a boot. Chaos Project hit Creeping Death for the win.

Winners: Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico)

“The Librarian” Leva Bates in action next!

Leva Bates vs. Madi Wrenkowski

Leva Bates brings in The Young Bucks’ memoir and shows it to Madi Wrenkowski. Bates gives Wrenkowski the book, and Wrenkowski rips out some pages and takes Bates down. Bates fires back with some strikes. Wrenkowski hits a steam roller then a senton, cover, but Bates kicks out. Wrenkowski with a neck crank, but Bates powers out. Wrenkowski tries for another senton, but Bates evades and hits a dropkick int he corner and follows up with a splash. Bates with a few high kicks followed up with a boot. Bates hits a northern lights suplex, bridge, but Wrenkowski kicks out. Bates sets up Wrenkowski in the corner, but Wrenkowski evades and takes Bates down. Wrenkowski berating Bates with stomps. Wrenkowski continues to rip pages out of The Young Bucks’ book, and Bates hits a superkick then sets her up for a small package pin for the win.

Winner: Leva Bates

Matt Sydal looks to continue his win streak next!

Matt Sydal vs. Danny Limelight

Some trash talk to start as the two start off trading holds. Sydal showing off his skills, but Limelight keeps pace with Sydal and drops him with a dropkick, but Sydal follows up with his own dropkick. Sydal hits a successive series of kicks on Limelight’s back, and Limelight obliges, but Sydal counters and continues to wear down Limelight. Sydal with a few corner strikes, but Limelight hits a double axehandle on Sydal as he rakes his face on the middle rope. Limelight hits a few kicks on Sydal, but he does too much showboating as Sydal drops him with a leg lariat. Sydal follows up with more kicks then a brainbuster, cover, 1-2-kick out!

Sydal tries for a cradle pin, but Limelight powers out. Sydal then catches Limelight with a leg slice then a standing Mariposa. Limelight then catches Sydal in a single-leg crab. Sydal counters with a kick onto Limelight’s leg then a high kick to follow. Sydal hits a Cobra Clutch suplex. Sydal tries to finish the match, but Limelight catches him in roll up. Kick out then Sydal catches Limelight in a crucifix roll-up for the win.

Winner: Matt Sydal

More women’s action coming up!

Tay Conti (w/Anna Jay) vs. Vertvixen

Tay Conti and Vertvixen shake hands, but Vertvixen tries to surprise Conti with some strikes. Conti is not having it and invites Vertvixen to fight as she catches her with a leg sweep then a Fujiwara arm bar. The two trade roll-ups, and Conti with an up kick. Conti then hits a huge knee then a monkey flip / pin combo, but Vertvixen kicks out. Conti has Vertvixen in a guillotine choke, but Vertvixen reaches the ropes. Conti gets an overhead throw then a kick to the back of Vertvixen, cover, but Vertvixen kicks out.

Vertvixen gets some strikes in as Conti and Vertvixen both connect on a roundhouse kick taking each other down! Vertvixen is the first to get up, but Conti connects with a flurry of elbows and clotheslines. Conti maintaining wrist controls and drags Vertvixen all over the ring and connects on the pump kick. Conti gets Vertvixen on her shoulders and hits the TCO for the win.

Winner: Tay Conti

Co-main event six-man tag team match coming up!

Baron Black, Mike Verna & Royal Money vs. The Gunn Club (Austin Gunn, Billy & Colten Gunn)

Mike Verna and Billy start things off for their teams as Billy quickly locks in a head lock followed up by a shoulder tackle. Billy opts to not tell Verna to “suck it” as Verna and Billy trade strikes. Austin Gunn tags in and takes Verna out with a inverted neckbreaker. Baron Black tags in and takes control for his team before Royal Money tags in. Austin uses his speed on Money and tags in Colten Gunn. Gunn Club combine for a dunk splash in the corner. Colten hits a full-nelson slam, cover, and chaos arises as Black and Verna break up the pin. Billy and Austin take out Verna and Black as referee Aubrey Edwards takes control. Colten hits Colt 45 for the win.

Winners: The Gunn Club (Austin Gunn, Billy & Colten Gunn)

– Post-match: Austin takes the mic and says “if you jump one of our family members, we’ll beat your ass!”

Will Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian break up? Our main event is next!

The Hybrid2 (Angelico & Jack Evans) vs. SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

Frankie Kazarian and Angelico start things off as they feel each other out. Kazarian and Angelico trade holds but neither gaining a significant advantage. Kazarian gains some momentum with a series of strikes and tags in Christopher Daniels as they team up with a punch in the gut followed up by a neckbreaker. Angelico counters Daniels in the corner and tags in Jack Evans. Evans goes to work on Daniels. Daniels catches Evans in a suplex. Kazarian tags in and hits a series of combo moves on Evans, cover, but Evans kicks out.

Kazarian with a springboard leg drop, cover, but Evans kicks out again. Angelico distracts Kazarian allowing Evans to hit a corkscrew kick. TH2 combine for a Muta Lock / kick to the face combo. TH2 wearing down Kazarian. Evans with a carthwheel elbow, cover, Kazarian kicks out. Evans gets another Muta Lock in as Angelico stomps on Kazarian’s hand. Kazarian and Angelico trade punches, and Kazarian catches Angelico in roll ups, but Angelico kicks out each time. Angelico halts Kazarian’s momentum with a knee lift.

Evans catches Kazarian in a flying octopus hold. Kazarian breaks free and hits a huge clothesline! Daniels and Angelico tag in, but Daniels takes down TH2. Daniels uses Evans to slam him onto Angelico. Daniels with a Blue Thunder Bomb, cover, 1-2-no! TH2 hit a stomp / backdrop combo, cover, but Daniels kicks out! Daniels evades another combo, and SCU hit a powerbomb / neckbreaker combo, cover, but Angelico kicks out! Evans with the distraction, and Kazarian takes out Daniels. TH2 with a series of combo moves, cover, but Kazarian kicks out. Kazarian showing some resilency, but TH2 set him up with an assisted 450, cover, 1-2-no!

TH2 try to use Daniels as a weapon, but Daniels monkey flips Kazarian into a double clothesline. Kazarian flips Evans over to set Daniels up for the double knees for the win.

– Post-match: The Acclaimed come in and attack SCU. Four on two attack until the AEW Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks come in for the save as AEW Dark closes out.