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Excalibur welcomes us to AEW Dark along with Taz and Olympic bronze medalist Anthony Ogogo as they give a quick recap of last week’s Dynamite including Sting’s AEW debut and Kenny Omega winning the AEW World Title. They throw it to Justin Roberts who introduces our first match of the night.

Baron Black vs. “The Concrete Rose” Sonny Kiss (w/Joey Janela)

Kiss shows off his flexibility early evading Black’s strikes. Black evades a cazadora by hitting Kiss with a backbreaker. Black gets Kiss in a single-legged Boston Crab then transitions into half surfboard. Black hits kiss with a clothesline in the corner. Kiss evades a suplex and starts his comeback. Black tries to hit Kiss with a powerbomb, but Kiss counters with a hurricanrana throwing Black to the corner. Kiss hits a split-legged leg drop for the win.

Winner: Sonny Kiss

FTW World Champion Brian Cage in action next!

“The Machine” Brian Cage vs. Danny Limelight

Limelight flexes in front of Cage. Cage tries to throw Limelight off, but Limelight uses his speed to evade Cage’s power. Limelight throws Cage outside of the ring and hits a tornado plancha on Cage! Cage starts to take control as he drops Limelight onto the side apron. Cage starts to slow down Limelight’s counters as he hits him with a flatliner. Cage tries for a big move, but Limelight counters with a high knee and a side kick. Limelight tries to bounce off the ropes but is met with a huge clothesline from Cage. Limelight evades Cage as he runs into the corner and hits Cage with a destroyer! Cage gains back control and hits Limelight with a buckle bomb then a Drill Claw for the win.

Winner: Brian Cage

Former AEW Women’s Champion Nyla Rose in action next!

“The Native Beast” Nyla Rose (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. Alex Gracia

Rose and Gracia lock up, but Rose quickly throws done Gracia. Gracia tries to hit Rose with elbows on her back, but Rose is unfazed and takes down Gracia with a shoulder block as she bounces off the ropes. Rose starts wearing down Gracia in the corner and hits a powerslam on Gracia. Rose hits Gracia with a Beast Bomb for the quick victory.

Winner: Nyla Rose

Post-match: Guerrero cuts a promo doing her “excuse me” bit before saying she’s a “true businesswoman”. She wants the crowd to applaud for her client for her victory. She instructs Rose to take Gracia “back to Candyland” as Rose pushes Gracia off the ring.

– Another episode of “The Waiting Room” with Dr. Britt Baker as Rebel welcomes Baker in. Baker does her monologue by first congratulating Omega for winning the AEW World Title. She admits that she didn’t know Omega was that great with the mic in reference to the finish of his match again Jon Moxley. Baker thanks Sting for helping out Tony Schiavone be more relevant lifting a weight of her shoulders. Baker said Sting will be a guest on her show, but Rebel doesn’t provide confidence that he’s booked. Baker says Thunder Rosa “doesn’t belong in AEW” going at her for running in after her match on last week’s Dynamite. “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes is welcomed on.

Baker hypes up the new Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes action figures from Double or Nothing. Baker questions why Cody makes more than Dustin, and Dustin says he “pays more in quarterly taxes than she does in dentistry and wrestling.” Dustin asks Baker if “her boyfriend (Adam Cole) won match of the year,” and he puts over his Double or Nothing match with Cody that did win match of the year. Dustin previews his match against Dark Order’s 10 on tomorrow’s Dynamite. Musical guest Marko Stunt closes off the segment.

Dark Order’s 10 in action next!

Aaron Solow vs. 10 (w/5)

10 and Solow start with a lock up. 10 does the Dark Order signature as Solow tries for a test of strength but is unsuccessful. Solow bounces off the ropes and hits 10 with a dropkick and as 10 in a side headlock, but 10 uses his power to gain control over Solow. 10 then hits a big spinebuster and gets pumped up. 10 is wearing Solow down as he hits a stalling suplex. Solow starts trying to mount his comeback as he hits a spinning high kick on 10. Solow tries for a cazadora, but 10 picks up Solow, bounces him off the ropes and hits a high-angle suplex. 10 hits a ripcord clothesline on the back of Solow’s head for the win.

Winner: 10

– An ad for The Young Bucks’ new book “Killing The Business” plays

“Pretty” Peter Avalon hopes to continue his win streak next.

“Pretty” Peter Avalon vs. Louie Valle

Avalon warns Valle to not touch his face as they lock up. Avalon grounds Valle as he hits a flurry of strikes onto Valle. Avalon and Valle trade strikes, but Avalon evades a strike a nails a leg lariat. Valle counters Avalon’s strike as he gets Irish-whipped into the corner and hits a second-rope drop kick. Avalon catches Valle as he bounces off the ropes and nails a Samoan Drop. He then hits Marti-knees for his third AEW win!

Winner: Peter Avalon

Post-match: Avalon issues an open challenge! However, you can’t have “bad skin” or “be overweight”, and you need the “science of beauty”. He declares “Pretty Peter’s Pageant Provocation” coming up next week!

Six-man tag team action next!

Ryzin, Sean Maluta & Shawn Dean vs. The Gunn Club (Austin Gunn, Billy & Colten Gunn)

Gunn Club enter in on a golf cart or the “Taz Taxi”. Taz gets hot as he declares that he never liked Billy, and assures that he doesn’t use the “Taz Taxi”. Colten and Dean start off the match as Dean hits a quick arm drag and mocks Colten. Colten then hits his own arm drag and drop kick as Colten dunks on Dean as he tags in Billy. Billy wants his kids to stop playing around, and that provides an opportunity for Dean to tag in Maluta. Gunn Club maintain control, until Maluta hits a Samoan Drop on Austin. Austin gets out of Maluta’s wrist control by diving onto the outside, but Ryzin meets him with a clothesline.

Austin gets cornered in the opposing corner. Dean mocks Gunn Club and takes out Colten. That leaves too much time for Austin to comeback as he and Dean hit each other with a clothesline. Billy and Ryzin tag in, but Billy takes everyone out on the opposing team. Billy tells Ryzin to “suck it”, but Ryzin counters the Famouser with a thrust kick. Chaos all around as the non-legal competitors take each out. Ryzin tells Billy to “suck it”, but he misses a moonsault, and Billy nails the Famouser telling Ryzin to “suck it”.

Winners: The Gunn Club (Austin Gunn, Billy & Colten Gunn)

– An ad for A Little Bit of the Bubbly plays.

Women’s singles action coming up!

Dani Jordyn vs. Red Velvet

Red Velvet’s face is shown on Jordyn’s Burn Book. Fast-paced back-and-forth action to start off. Red Velvet looks to have control, but Jordyn catches Red Velvet with a small package roll-up for a two count. Jordyn hits a pump kick, but she takes too much time mocking Red Velvet and showing off the Burn Book allowing Red Velvet to comeback. She nails a cazadora and bulldog combo. She hits a standing moonsault but only a two count. Red Velvet then hits a northern lights suplex, double knees to the back of Jordyn’s head and a big boot onto Jordyn’s head for the victory.

Winner: Red Velvet

Jurassic Express in action next!

The Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus & Marko Stunt) (w/Jungle Boy) vs. Falco & Mike Magnum

Luchasaurus looks to start things off, but Stunt volunteers himself in saying “he’s got it”. Falco throws down Stunt and stars flossing in front of Stunt. Stunt isn’t too pleased and goes on the quick offensive nailing a huge DDT onto Falco! Magnum tags in, but Stunt baits Magnum into his corner and tags in Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus hits a big shot on Magnum. Magnum tries to respond with a chop, but Luchasaurus isn’t fazed and hits Magnum back. Luchasaurus tags in Stunt and throws Stunt in successive combo moves onto Magnum.

Magnum takes in Falco, but Stunt takes on both of them at the same time and goes to tag in Luchasaurus who has his way with Falco and Magnum even hitting a double clothesline on them. Magnum and Falco counter a double chokelsam attempt, but Stunt tags in and works together with Luchasaurus as Luchasaurus hits a chokeslam on Falco and Stunt follows up with a leg lariat for the win.

Winners: The Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus & Marko Stunt)

Brandon Cutler looks to continue his own winning streak next!

Brandon Cutler vs. Fuego Del Sol

Both guys try to hit their finishers right way but each counter right away. Quick action as Cutler hits a tope suicida! Cutler with too much showboating allowing Del Sol to get the close upset with a roll up for a two count. Cutler starts using his power to gain back control and hits the LDL but only gets a two count. A lot of quick back-and-forth counters, but Cutler hits a springboard elbow strike. Del Sol starts getting into his own offensive arsenal finishing with a face buster but only gets a two count. Cutler and Del Sol counter each other’s Cross Rhodes attemps, but Del Sol finally hits Cross Rhodes onto Cutler! Cutler counters Del Sol’s swinging DDT attempt and nails TPK for the win.

Winner: Brandon Cutler

More women’s action coming up!

Ivelisse vs. Skyler Moore

Ivelisse catches Moore with a quick strike and starts mocking Moore. Moore evades Ivelisse’s strike towards the corner with a sunset flip but only a one count. Moore tries to hit Ivelisse in the corner, but Ivelisse takes back control. Ivelisse drives Moore done with swinging neck breaker then gets Moore in a Dragon Sleeper. Moore gets out and tries to roll up Ivelisse but only a two count. Ivelisse charges with a clothesline, and she also gets a two count. Ivelisse tries to get Moore in a sleeper, but Moore counters with an arm drag. Moore hits a neck breaker but is still feeling the effects of the sleeper. Moore hits Ivelisse with a few power moves, but Ivelisse catches Moore in a Octopus hold variation and makes Moore tap out.

Winner: Ivelisse

Number one ranked Big Swole in action next!

Big Swole vs. Lindsay Snow

Strong lock up to start. Swole gets Snow in a side headlock, but Snow powers out into a modified Tazmission. Swole rolls out and nails a big boot onto Snow’s back. Swole keeping a bear hug onto Snow, but Snow claps Swole’s ears to get out. The two trade strikes, but Swole getting the upper hand in the power moves so far. Swole continuing to hit strikes onto Snow’s lower back. Snow finds an opening by hitting knee onto Swole’s midsection and takes down Swole but only a quick one count. Swole gets some seperation with a headbutt, but Snow runs into the corner and nails a series off knee strikes and a boot onto Swole. Swole evades a Shining Wizard and hits a few cross chops. Counter after counter until Swole catches Snow with the roll up victory.

Winner: Big Swole

TH2 in tag team action before they take on The Young Bucks tomorrow night.

The Hybrid2 (Angelico & Jack Evans) vs. Sotheara Chhun & VSK

TH2 jump on Chhun and VSK as they were deciding who was going to star the match. Angelico throws Chhun onto the outside as TH2 double teams VSK. Chhun comes back in with a diving crossbody onto TH2. Chhun and VSK hit synchro suplexes onto TH2. They go for synchro fives, but TH2 counters. TH2 with a combo back suplex and diving stomp. Another combo move as Angelico goes for the pin, but Evans stops him so they can do the Young Bucks flex pose. Evans takes out VSK with a spinning kick as Angelico hits the Navarro Death Roll and a clinches the inverted figure four for the submission victory.

Winners: The Hybrid2 (Angelico & Jack Evans)

– Another ad for The Young Bucks’ book plays

Women’s action coming up next!

Diamante vs. Tesha Price

Diamante slaps Price in the face. Price tries to go for a lock up, but Diamante quickly gains control of Price’s wrist. Price counters her way into an arm drag as she and Diamante stare each other down. Price misses a cartwheel kick allowing Diamante to hit a back suplex on Price. Diamante with a front mount as she goes on the offensive against Price. Diamante hits a viscous corner drop kick but only gets a two count to her surprise. Diamante gets Price in a chin lock. Price works her way out as she and Diamante trade strikes. Price counters Diamante with a hanging neckbreaker. Price gets her cartwheel high kick off then follows up with a facebuster but only a two count. Diamante counters Price and hits a standing Sliced Bread. Price catches Diamante with a roll up, but Diamante kicks out and then hits Code Red for the win.

Winner: Diamante

– TH2 interview with Alex Marvez. Evans declares they’re “back leading the pack” as he states their readiness against The Young Bucks on tomorrow’s Dynamite.

More women’s action coming up!

Shanna vs. Freya States

Shanna tries for a lock up, but States pushes her off each time. States mocks Shanna and shows off her power by picking up Shanna with one arm. Shanna using her strikes and hits a neckbreaker on States. States again using her power to wear down Shanna, and Shanna using her strong strikes to counter States. States catches Shanna and slams her onto the corner and keeps her in the tree of woe. She tries for a cannonball, but Shanna evades and hits a series of kicks and a stunner! Shanna tries for a Tiger Suplex, but States power out. States again catches Shanna, but Shanna counters into a DDT. Shanna hits a drop kick with States hanging on the ropes, and she hits States with a Tiger Suplex, bridge and another win for Shanna!

Winner: Shanna

The Acclaimed look to follow up their Dynamite appearance with a win next!

Jon Cruz & Michael Nakazawa vs. The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)

Caster drops another freestyle rap with Bowens reacting to Caster’s disses. Bowens takes the mic and proclaims “The Acclaimed have arrived!” Nakazawa hides his baby oil into the turnbuckles and the referee is checking everyone’s tights and boots. Nakazawa and Caster start things off. The Acclaimed quickly go to work on Nakazawa, but Nakazawa gets his baby oil and sprays it all over the ring and onto Bowens. The ref throws away the baby oil as Nakazawa tags in Cruz. The ref gets distracted as The Acclaimed land a few extra shots on Cruz. Cruz tries to take on The Acclaimed on his own, but The Acclaimed hit a combo move on Cruz.

Caster starts taunting Nakazawa and showboats after hitting a back suplex on Cruz. The Acclaimed cut the ring in half as Cruz tries to tag in Nakazawa. Rapid-fire strikes from The Acclaimed, and Nakazawa has to come in to break up the pin. A bulldog from Cruz opens up a chance to tag in Nakazawa, and he takes on The Acclaimed. The Acclaimed easily evade a splash, but Nakazawa uses Bowens to push away Caster. Nakazawa tries to take out his thong, but Bowens gets Nakazawa stuck. The Acclaimed hit a combo move to take out Cruz. Then they Acclaim to Fame for the win.

Winners: The Acclaimed

Tag Team main event coming up next!

Alex Reynolds & Colt Cabana vs. The Varsity Blondes (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison)

Pillman Jr. and Garrison show off their matching trunks during their entrance. Reynolds and Garrison start things off as Garrison hits a few shoulder tackles on Reynolds followed up by a huge bodyslam. Varsity Blondes show off their team work as Pillman Jr. tags in. Varsity Blondes hypes each other up and hit simultaneous strikes on Dark Order. The ref tries to check up on Reynolds after Pillman Jr. lands a few strikes allowing Cabana to undercut Pillman Jr. Pillman Jr. tags Cabana with a boot, and as he tries to escape, Reynolds drags him by the hair as the ref is busy checking up on Cabana.

Reynolds lands a huge shot onto Pillman Jr., and he takes out Garrison from his corner as Dark Order continue to wear down Pillman Jr. Pillman Jr. fights his way out of Dark Order’s corner allowing him to tag in Garrison. Garrison on the quick offensive against Dark Order. Varsity Blondes try for a tag team move, but Dark Order come in with their own combo move but only a two count. Pillman Jr. intercepts Cabana as Dark Order try to finish off Garrison. Varsity Blondes hit a blockbuster / spinebuster combo for the win!

Winners: The Varsity Blondes

– Backstage interview with Dustin Rhodes. Dustin notes the history the Rhodes family has with Dark Order. He says that he “will go to the ends of the Earth to destroy each and every member of the Dark Order”. He tells 10 to be ready for tomorrow.

– Varsity Blondes backstage interview. Garrison notes that FTR will be a tougher match-up tomorrow. Pillman Jr. admits that they’re inexperienced but they make up for that with their “varsity athletic” and their good looks.

Excalibur goes through the line-up for tomorrow’s Dynamite before signing off. That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!

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