AEW Dynamite Results: Sting Appears, Inner Circle Multi-Man Tag, Kenny Omega Vs. Joey Janela

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Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) & Matt Hardy vs. The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) & Adam Page

Page and Quen start things off for their respective teams as they start quickly back and forth and stare each other down. Quen opts to tag in Hardy. Hardy and Private Party try for a combo move, but Page flips out. Dark Order step in and everyone clears house. Silver rides Page like a cowboy, and after Kassidy gets taken out, Hangman sentons Silver onto Kassidy. Silver blind tags in and stars to wear down Kassidy as he poses each time, Page is baffled after each pose.

Quen is tagged in and takes out Reynolds and Page who try to halt his momentum. Private Party and and Hardy isolate Silver and take control of the match. Hardy has Silver locked in a chicken wing, but Silver powers out into a back suplex. Silver takes advantage of Hardy wasting too much time and hits Hardy with a brainbuster! Page and Kassidy tag in, and Page makes quick work of Private Party. Page with a fallaways slam and a dive to take out Hardy. He hits a huge clothesline, cover but only a two count!

Hardy tags in as Page has Quen in a powerbomb position. Hardy hits Page with a Side Effect. Hardy goes for Twist of Fate but pushes him into his corner and takes Hardy out with a clothesline. Reynolds and Quen tag in, and Reynolds goes on the offensive. Dark Order and Page show their teamwork with the impressive tag team combo ending in a German Suplex and roll up, 1-2-No! Hardy drags Silver to the outside and hits a Twist of Fate on the outside! Private Party take out Dark Order and Page. Private Party hit Gin & Juice. Hardy tags in for the cover and gets the win for his team.

Winners: Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) & Matt Hardy

- Backstage: Alex Marvez asks MJF about his accolades with The New York Times and Dinner DeBonair. Chris Jericho notes that he couldn't have done it without him. MJF says he takes issue with people on social media saying he's better than Chris Jericho, but he tells Jericho, "I see a mentor. I see the GOAT. I see my best friend". He remarks that he could have done it without the rest of The Inner Circle.

- We're in the Rhodes household as the door rings and outside is a present. Cody opens the gift, and it's a pair of baby shoes with a note that says, "We're expecting a new baby". Pharaoh also has on him "Baby security (in training)".

Cody Rhodes (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Angelico (w/Jack Evans)

Angelico catches "Future father" Cody in a quick arm drag. Cody collects himself and gets an arm drag of his own. Angelico maintains wrist control, until Cody rolls his way out. Cody grabs ahold of Angelico's wrist this time, but Angelico works his way around for another arm drag as Angelico taunts Cody. Angelico tries to bait Cody to the ground. They work their way to the ropes for a rope break. Cody slaps Angelico, and the action starts to pick up leading to Cody drop kicking Angelico, cover but only a two count. Angelico pushes Cody to the corner. The ref calls a break, and Evans distracts Cody and Angelico attacks Cody's knee.

Angelico targets the right knee. Evans tries to distract Cody again, but Arn Anderson drags Evans off the mat and pushes him down. Angelico maintains full control wearing Cody down. Cody flips out of a back suplex and creates an opening. Cody building momentum with a couple of clothelines. Angelico runs into a powerslam, 1-2-kick out. Cody throws away his lifting belt. Angelico catches Cody in a submission, but Cody drags his way and bites on the ropes to force a ropebreak. Cody tries to build momentum and tries for a Disaster Kick, but Angelico counters and gets Cody in a Navarro Roll. Cody is close to tapping, but he manages to reach the rope. Cody gets his trademark low right-hand on Angelico. Cody then hits the Cody Cutter, 1-2-win for Cody.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

- Post-match: Team Taz comes in. Taz congratulates Cody on his news of being a father. Ricky Starks notes that no one on Team Taz got a congratulations for taking Cody and "Turtle Boy" (Darby Allin) as Darby is watching from the rafters. Taz threatens to put Cody in "paternity leave" as Team Taz goes for thr attack. Lights go dark, and "It's Sting!"

Sting comes out with the bat, but Powerhouse Hobbs is not afraid. Team Taz has to hold him back, and they retreat. Cody, Sting and Darby all lock eyes as Sting makes his way to the back.

- Backstage Miro is interviewed about his actions from last week's Dynamite where he was fined $75,000 for injuring AEW staff. He says, "It's all about the numbers" in regards to Orange Cassidy. He says, "You owe me Orange Cassidy." He hypes up his match on AEW Dark against Sonny Kiss before announcing "The biggest wedding announcement" with Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. In regards to the injured staff members, Miro says, "Ba humbug! It's my birthday."

- Eddie Kingston comes out to the ring and brags about taking out Pac stating he went back home after being taken out. Kingston calls out Lance Archer, and Archer's music plays, and he goes in and attacks Kingston right away. The Butcher and The Blade come in to help Kingston. The Lucha Brothers comes in to back up Archer, and out of nowhere it's Pac! Death Triangle are back, and with Archer, they take out Kingston and his group. Pac takes out Kingston as Archer is getting ready to chokeslam him. Archer isn't too pleased with Pac stepping in as they bicker and the two teams stare each other down.

- Backstage: Dustin Rhodes addresses Evil Uno's comments from last week. Rhodes reminds Uno that he wants to take out Dark Order one by one starting with 10. He says next week he wants Uno, and he says he's "fixing to kick your ass!"

Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent), The Varsity Blondes (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison), Top Flight (Darius Martin & Daunte Martin) vs. The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, MJF, Ortiz, Sammy Guevara & Santana)

Chris Jericho and Trent start things off, but Pillman Jr. wants in and gets tagged in. Pillman Jr. catches Jericho with an arm drag, but Jericho refuses to be showed up and retaliates. Pillman answers back with come chops, a crossbody and a dropkick. Jericho gets taken out, and Pillman hits him with a plancha. Pillman rolls Jericho back in and tags in his partner Griff Garrison, and he gets an assisted leg drop, cover but only a two count. Sammy Guevara tags in and takes control, until Garrison uses his power to create an opening to take in Daunte Martin.

Guevara gives Daunte the finger goes on the offensive. Daunte catches Sammy with a huge standing leg drop, cover 1-2-kick out. Darius Martin tags himself in. They hit their combo move, cover but Ortiz breaks up the pin. Daunte tags back in and halts Top Flight's momentum with a strong right hand. Trent and Santana tag in. Best Friends and Santana and Ortiz stare each other down, and chaos breaks out as everyone breaks out. Six-way hug and Rainmaker camera effect!

Ortiz catches Trent from behind giving Santana the opportunity to slow things down for The Inner Circle. The Inner Circle isolate Trent and take advantage of a distracted referee to get some extra shots in. The Inner Circle show off their teamwork as MJF and Sammy hit Trent with a double stalling suplex. The Inner Circle continue to wear Trent down and prevent any attempt for him to tag in any of his partners. Jericho and Sammy take time to pose, but Sammy does too much showboating as he tries for a 630 senton giving Trent the opportunity to hit a bicycle knee. Ortiz tries to take out Trent's team members, but Trent takes him out and tags in Darius. Darius takes out The Inner Circle and hits a standing Spanish Fly. Santana stops a tope suicida attempt from Darius, but Daunte hits a tope con hiro!

Best Friends hit a Soul Food / half and half suplex combo. Varsity Blondes come in and halt Jake Hager from interfering. Garrison is taken out by Jericho as he hits him with a baseball bat. Hager blind tags in and hits a F-10. MJF tags in for the cover and the win.

Winners: The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, MJF, Ortiz, Sammy Guevara & Santana)

- Post-match: The Inner Circle try to get some extra shots in, but Top Flight come in and are not afraid on the challenge. The Inner Circle pose on the ramp.

- Backstage: Thunder Rosa calls out Britt Baker over her comments that Rosa "doesn't belong in AEW". Rosa claims she does belong and laughs. Rebel comes in but is only there to distract her so that Baker can come in and attack Rosa. Baker has Rosa in a lockjaw attempt as Rebel pours water on Rosa removing her face paint. Baker ends leaves before saying, "did that ugly face break the camera?"

The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) vs. SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

Caster drops a diss rap before the match calling out Kazarian over if he has hair plugs or not. Kazarian picks up the mic and says "I hope you can wrestle better than you can rap because that sounded like crap". Kazarian says he'll give "the green boys a pass because they'll kick their ass". Kazarian and Bowens start off quickly as Kazarian gets the better of Bowens to start. SCU hit a combo move, cover but only a two count. Caster distracts Daniels giving Bowens a chance to counter and tag in Caster. Caster and Daniels brawl back and forth, but Daniels catches Caster with a second-rope dropkick.

Kazarian with a springboard leg drop, cover but only two. Bowens tags in, but Kazarian slows him down and gets a few chops in. Caster again with the distraction allowing Bowens to drag Kazarian onto the corner and to the outside. The Acclaimed get a few extra shots in allowing them to get control and isolate Kazarian. The Acclaimed are wearing down Kazarian preventing any hope for a comeback. The Acclaimed try for a double team move, but Kazarian counters each time and catches Caster with a leaping DDT. Bowens tagged in trying to stop Daniels from tagging in but to no avail. Daniels takes out Caster with an STO as Bowens tries to throw him aside. Blue Thunder Bomb, cover 1-2-no! Daniels plants Bowens as Kazarian takes out Caster. Daniels is on the top rope and hits a flying crossbody! Daniels gets a roll-up, but as Bowens kicks out, Caster hits him with a boombox. Bowens with a powerslam variation for the upset win!

Winners: The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)

- Post-match: Caster drops another rap on The Young Bucks who are sitting at ringside. He says their acting like, "Girls on their cycle". Bowens says, "The Acclaimed have arrived" as they challenge The Young Bucks to put their tag team titles on the line next week.

- Backstage: Top Flight give their respect to Chris Jericho and MJF. They introduce themselves as the "coldest team in the game". They also challenge them to a tag team match next week on Dynamite.

Diamante & Ivelisse vs. Big Swole & NWA World Women's Champion Serena Deeb

Ivelisse and Serena Deeb start things off with a strong lock up as Ivelisse quickly takes Deeb down. Another lock up goes into the corner and Ivelisse catches Deeb with an elbow. Deeb gains back the momentum and tags in Big Swole. Ivelisse escapes from an uppercut and tags in Diamante. Big Swole hits a backbreaker and throws Diamante over her shoulders. Diamante takes out Deeb. She's not happy about that causing the ref to hold her back. Ivelisse gets an extra shot in on Swole as Ivelisse and Diamante gain control of the match.

Ivelisse and Diamante keep the beatdown on Swole in their corner. Diamante lands a kick on Swole's back, cover but gets only two. Diamante tries to keep Swole grounded preventing Deeb from tagging in. Swole finds an opening and tags in Deeb. Deeb catches Ivelisse in an Indian Death Lock then hits a combo suplex on Diamante and Indian Death Lock on Ivelisse. Deeb maneuvers Ivelisse into a neckbreaker on the ropes. Gutbuster into a Figure Four. Ivelisse rolls her way to the ropes and tags in Diamante. Ivelisse and Diamante hit stereo knees and both plant Deeb to the ground, cover, 1-2-no!

Deeb works her way into a neckbreaker and tags in Swole who goes off on Diamante. Swole misses Dirty Dancing. Ivelisse brags onto Swole's hair, but she isn't fazed and nails Diamante with a headbutt. Tiger Driver then a Clearwater Cloverleaf. Deeb gets Ivelisse in a submission to prevent her from breaking up the submission and Diamante taps out.

Winners: Big Swole & Serena Deeb

- Post-match: Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose come in and the numbers game are too much for Big Swole and Deeb. Red Velvet comes in with a chair and clears house! Stare down between all the women.

- Backstage: Best Friends note that they'll also be at the Holiday Bash as they callout Miro for interfering in Orange Cassidy's match last week and costing him the Diamond Ring

- FTR step in on commentary after a promo package for The Jurassic Express plays. They question "if the tag team division matters anymore". Dax Harwood calls out Jurassic Express and says they are in FTR's crosshairs.

No DQ AEW World Title Eliminator Match: Kenny Omega vs. Joey Janela

Joey Janela attacks Kenny Omega right away with a trash can. As Don Callis tries to kick out Tony Schiavone, Janela hits a tope suicida! Janela takes his eyes off Omega, and Omega crushes Janela onto the chair. Callis does live commentary on the mic as Omega hits a tope con hiro while Janela sits on the chair. Omega lands some shots on Janela using the cookie sheet. Omega is given a mic and tells Janela to get up and hits him again with the cookie sheet. Omega asks everyone if "they want a little more" and does a moonsault holding a trash can, cover but only a two count. "Are you kidding me?!" Omega wears down Janela and asks him "what's the matter?"

Omega places the same trash can on Janela's head and does a diving double stomp on Janela. Omega looks for a One-Winged Angel, but Janela counters with a Poison Rana! Sonny Kiss sets up a table on the outside. Janela sets up Omega on the table on the outside and climbs to the tope rope and hits a huge leg drop! Janela brings Omega back into the ring and tries for a moonsault but misses. Omega hits two V-Triggers and a One-Winged Angel for the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega

- Post-match: Callis calls out the haters saying they "been silenced", and now there "are no more unanswered questions for the champ". Pac and Death Triangle walks in saying he has "unfinished business" with Omega. Pac wants to address" injustice". Pac notes Fenix never lost his number one contenders match.

Callis tells Pac, "Wrestlers don't tell the World Champion what to do!" Pac says he spoke with Tony Khan who has made Omega vs. Fenix for the AEW World Title official for Dec. 30! The show closes as Omega is none too pleased with the decision.