Jeff Hardy took a scary bump during last night’s Symphony of Destruction Match on Monday Night Raw after diving all the way from the top turnbuckle to the outside with a Swanton Bomb, putting Elias through a table to pick up the pin fall victory.

Since the table was placed in a corner at ringside, which can be a rather cramped area, it seemed like only Hardy’s legs made contact with Elias on the table while the back of his neck and skull brushed against the edge of the steps. After the victory, Hardy was seen tapping a tambourine a few times as he struggled to get up. He was later spotted in conversation with a WWE official, who checked his head for signs of blood.

According to Bryan Alvarez on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Hardy is “said to be OK” and did not show any signs of a concussion in the backstage area. Dave Meltzer added that he initially heard “there was an expectation that Hardy suffered a concussion” but he wasn’t diagnosed with one. However, Meltzer said that it’s still possible Hardy suffered a concussion since many athletes don’t show symptoms immediately after such scary bumps.

It was noted that Hardy’s legs going through the table first slowed down the fall a little or his head might have crashed against the steps with more velocity. Meltzer said Hardy walking around like he was hurt on Live TV “wasn’t a sell” and he was legitimately in pain.

The chaotic match also saw Elias get electrocuted [in kayfabe] when he tried to hit Hardy with a guitar but struck the speaker instead.

After Raw went off the air, Hardy gave a backstage interview in which he expressed relief that his rivalry with Elias was over for good.

Check out Hardy’s interview below: