AEW star QT Marshall was on a recent episode of the Talk Is Jericho podcast where he and Chris Jericho discussed Marshall’s little known role backstage at AEW. Marshall admitted that he never wanted to be an agent at AEW because he is not a big name in the pro wrestling business, so he would find it difficult to give orders to coaches like Dean Malenko.

“Michael Jordan doesn’t need to open a basketball school. He’s not going to,” Marshall stated. “That’s why I think because I don’t have that big name, I really try to go above and beyond to do everything, and sometimes it backfires. And I get so stressed. I try not to show it, but I also didn’t want anyone to know either because the same reason, like Dean Malenko. He’s never heard of me, and he shouldn’t have.

“How am I going to go to Dean and say ‘Hey Dean, this is what you’re doing.’ So I always told Cody, even Tony, ‘I’d rather be the silent guy that just does a lot of the stuff’.”

Jericho added to Marshall’s point noting that Malenko was his producer for his matches in AEW. However, he admitted that he does not often go to Malenko for advice since he is comfortable doing his own material. Jericho revealed that led him to want Marshall as his producer since Marshall could provide a few things, and Malenko could use his skills more with some of the younger talent in AEW.

“Dean is always my coach, my agent / producer, until finally, recently, I was like, ‘He’s being wasted with me,’ because I put together my stuff. I don’t always ask Dean his opinion,” Jericho noted. “Put him with some guys that he can really be Dean Malenko with, and I said, ‘Just put QT with me,’ because the few times when I had a question for you, or do you have any suggestions, you came up with a couple things.

“Jamie Noble was like that. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but Dean did it [recently] with me and Max’s at the PPV. Sometimes one idea is all you need to fit everything together, and I was like, ‘Yeah, just put QT with me and let me bounce off 99% and he has one percent. And let Dean go do 50/50 with the guys.'”

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