Christopher Daniels Compares AEW Vs. NXT To TNA Vs. RAW, Talks AEW Video Game Rollout

Former TNA X Division and Tag Team Champion and current AEW star Christopher Daniels was on a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast where he discussed AEW's current hear-to-head battle against WWE NXT with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman. Hausman noted that Daniels was also part of a head-to-head battle where TNA made the move to air on the same night as RAW, but the difference this time is that NXT is airing on Wednesdays to compete directly against Dynamite, and Daniels gave his thoughts on that distinction.


"Honestly, you hit the nail on the head. We didn't come looking for any sort of fight," Daniels said. "We picked a night to be on television. WWE decided to have their own show on that same night. They sort of made the the playing field the way it is, but our main goal isn't counterprogramming. Our main goal is to put the best product that we can put out there, and so that's always been our main focus.

"And I feel like our fan base has sort of followed that. The ratings sort of speak for themselves. We've been very fortunate to have a bigger audience than the WWE for a majority of the time. As long as we concentrate on putting out great wrestling, I feel like that's going to benefit us. The minute we start thinking, 'Oh, we need to do this to beat them.' That's not our goal.


"Our goal is to just prosper on our own and never mind what's on the television on other channels, whether it's WWE, or reality television or whatever's on. I don't care. As long as we're doing well, that's the important thing for us and for our company."

Last month, AEW revealed details on the new video games that they will be releasing. Daniels praised AEW EVP Kenny Omega on the podcast and teased that the AEW video game will be one that shocks the wrestling world.

"I thought the animation was great. I know Kenny is a hardcore gamer," Daniels noted. "He knows quality games, and he understands the idea of the video game engines and what makes the engines great and what makes the game great. He's really got a very critical eye when it comes to the people that he works with for the video game. So he's really looking deep into making a quality video game for AEW, and I think it's a matter of time before we put something out that'll shock the wrestling world."

This will not be the first time Daniels has been featured on a video game as he was on the "TNA Impact!" video game as both himself and Curry Man. He noted that most wrestlers are not thinking about video games or action figures, but when they do come, they are a validation of the hard work they put in, which is why he's excited for the younger talent to see themselves in the AEW video game.


"TNA had a video game that I was in. I actually did mo-cap for that game as well," Daniels recalled. "It won't be my first video game, but it'll be a first video game for a lot of guys. When you're training to be a pro wrestler, you don't think about these things like video games and action figures and things like that, but when those opportunities come along, it sort of validates all the hard work that you put into the ring.

"Just the opportunity of being an action figure or being a character in a video game, it's just the cherry on the top of the of the sundae to be able to do this, and so I look forward to a game for these guys like Jurassic Express and Private Party, these guys that are just getting their first taste of national fame. It'll be cool to see them in video games and to know that all of their hard work will sort of come to fruition."

Hausman then asked who Daniels will play in the video game other than himself. Daniels chose his fellow SCU member Frankie Kazarian saying "Angry Frankie is going to be the best character in the game."

"Definitely Frankie. 'Angry Frankie' is going to be the best character in the game," Daniels remarked. "I'm going to try and get in a sub-game where Frankie blows his stack at other potential AEW characters to see how angry he can get at them."


Christopher Daniels is featured in the new short film SWERVE which is now available to watch for free on YouTube. He can also be seen every Wednesday night as part of AEW Dynamite and can be followed on Twitter @facdaniels. Daniels' full interview aired as part of a recent episode of our podcast, The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Subscribe to get the latest episodes as soon as it's released Monday – Friday afternoon by clicking here.