CM Punk Wishes He Could Have Spoken To Two Late Pro Wrestling Legends

Former WWE Champion CM Punk took to Twitter on Monday and mentioned how he wished he could have had conversations with the late, great Gorilla Monsoon and Phil Zacko.

Monsoon, Zacko, and Arnold Skaaland were part owners of WWWF along with Vince McMahon Sr. until Vince McMahon Jr. bought out his father's share and worked out a deal to buy the other half in staggered payments. Zacko was not just a co-owner but also a principle wrestling promoter in Pennsylvania.


"I wish Gorilla Monsoon was alive. I'd like to talk to him," tweeted Punk. "And Phil Zacko," he wrote in another tweet.

In response to a fan who wrote, "At least you can still talk to Jesse [Ventura]," Punk said, "Had a great convo with him back when he hosted raw. Somewhere in PA."

Punk also liked a Twitter post of a photoshopped face of Punk [replacing Jesse Ventura] standing next to Monsoon on commentary at WrestleMania III.

See below for Punk's tweets: