Conflicting Reports On The USA Network's Reaction To Low WWE RAW Ratings

Earlier this week it was reported The USA Network was "furious" with RAW's poor ratings and wanted "more adult content. Not sexy adult, but dark and violent adult."

As we've noted, Monday's TLC go-home edition of RAW drew an average of 1.527 million viewers, down 12% from last week's 1.737 million viewers. Monday's show drew a new all-time low in total viewership, a new all-time low in viewership for each hour, and a new all-time low in the key demographic. Furthermore, last week's AEW Dynamite episode drew a 0.45 rating in the key 18-49 demographic, which beat every hour of this week's RAW in that same demo. You can read our full report on this week's RAW numbers here.


On today's Wrestling Observer Radio, it was noted The USA Network was not happy with the rating, but the part about the channel wanting more adult content was "not true."

Dave Meltzer also said there was an expectation of what the ratings would be for the show, and those aren't currently being met.

WWE officials reportedly "got the message" and fans could see some "reactionary decisions" made in the near future. In the past, WWE has looked to start up a big angle, or a potential reboot. The upcoming Royal Rumble was previously said to be a place for a "big reset" for the company.

WWE TLC takes place tonight at 7 pm ET (Kickoff at 6 pm ET).