Dark Order Celebrates "Cowboy Day" With Hangman Page (Being The Elite Recap)

Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Last week, Hangman Page agreed to team up with Alex Reynolds and John Silver in a tag match against Private Party and Matt Hardy, but he's not joining the Dark Order. Page heads off, Silver and Reynolds wonder how they got him for the match. Reynolds then says he has an idea, and wants to turn it up a notch and do "Cowboy Day" for Page.


* Clips of The Young Bucks match on Dynamite.

* Page bumps into Silver and Reynolds (still in their cowboy hats). The guys want to talk strategy with Page about their upcoming match, he gives them five minutes. Page heads to their hangout and sees all the cowboy stuff. He tries to leave, but they convince him to stay for five minutes. The Dark Order is all dressed up as their hangout is looking very western. They even got Hangman his favorite whiskey. Grayson asks if Page wants to ride 10 (he's dressed up like a horse). Page decides to get a piggy back ride. Silver then tells Page that was his steer, and nobody rides his steer. Silver then draws finger guns on Page and everyone freaks out.

* Kip Sabian (with Miro and Penelope Ford) try once again to beat Leva Bates in a video game. Sabian finally gets the win, but it looks like Bates let him win. She heads off, Miro says she let Sabian win and heads off to practice with his guitar. Sabian doesn't believe him, but then realizes she may have let him win.


* Back to Dark Order in a huge standoff with everyone pointing finger guns at everyone. Anna Jay is only pointing hers at Grayson. Jay says she has good news and bad news: good news is she saved a lot of money on her car insurance, and the bad news ? she's the bad news, and "shoots" Grayson in the neck, he flails around, as everyone fires away on each other. Cut to slow motion scenes with gun effects added, then back to the actual scene of the guys just saying "pew pew" while shooting at each other. Page ends up being the only person standing. He thanks them for a good time. Uno then wonders if anyone asked him if he wanted to join? Nobody did.

* Alex Abrahantes goes to start his "Speaking Spanglish" segment, but Dasha pulls him away to talk. They sit with Sammy Guevara, Ortiz, and Santana to talk about his Dark Order problem. The group holds an intervention. Alex says maybe it's just because he's lonely and they are just really fun guys. Alex looks to order up some food to distract the group, allowing him to run off.

* BTE Championship: John Silver vs. Shawn Dean in a game of "Skits" where they throw Skittles at the wall and whoever get closest to the crack in the floor (without going in) wins the game. The camera cuts out and Silver says they played and he already won, but Brandon Cutler's camera didn't work, so they will play again. If Dean wins, they will play a third deciding game. Silver is able to win the second game and retains the title.