Edge Explains Why He Isn't On Cameo

WWE Hall of Famer Edge took to social media to explain why he doesn't have a Cameo account.

The discussion started after Edge was asked if he could give a birthday shoutout via Twiter. A fan replied that he's asked a lot by people to do shoutouts and should have a cameo account.


Edge shared that he doesn't believe in charging people to take "2 minutes out of his day." He also is happy that younger fans are interested in getting any shoutouts by him.

The former WWE Champion replied, "The fact that young kids, who weren't even born when I retired want a birthday shoutout from me at this stage in my career makes me happier than the message makes them. I don't need to charge people to take 2 minutes out of my day. It's part of the gig. A great part."

As noted for a short time, WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker was on Cameo in honor of his WWE debut. The price was $1,000.

Below you can see the exchange: