Fred Rosser Reveals AEW Turned Him Down Twice

Fred Rosser (former WWE star Darren Young) revealed that AEW isn't interested in him. He shared that because he kept getting asked by fans about AEW.

Rosser explained on Twitter that he was told "nope" twice by the promotion, but his goal has always been with NJPW anyway.


He wrote, "I get asked a lot why not @AEW? Well, I tried and I was told NOPE...NOT ??? but ???...besides AEW wa'n't my end goal it's always been NJPW @njpw1972 No matter what, don't ever get overwhelmed and decide to throw in the towel. I've still got a lot of work to do!"

Rosser signed with NJPW in August and made his NJPW debut on September 4.

He has also been wrestling on NWA/UWN's weekly PPV series, "Primetime Live."

Below is his tweet: