An indie wrestling event in Miami, Florida was shut down over the weekend due to concerns with COVID-19 restrictions related to venue capacity.

Al Haft sent word that Fighting Evolution Wrestling’s ReeferMania 6 event held at The Spot at Wynnwood in Miami was shut down after only two matches on Saturday night.

As former WWE Tag Team Champions The Headbangers were preparing to make their entrances for the third match, the event was shut down due to being over capacity with COVID-19 restrictions. Capacity was set at 200, but the event exceeded 400 by that time, and more fans were coming in.

Haft noted that vendors were worried about legal issues with marijuana being sold without customers needing a license to purchase, but the only issue that got them shut down ended up being COVID-19 concerns. ReeferMania 7 will reportedly take place in April at a larger facility. It was also noted that the matches and some vendors were located outside of the venue for ReeferMania 6, while others were inside the venue with the VIP area.

Below is footage from the first two matches, which saw Djokovic Rabbit defeat Brian Atomic, and Renee Michelle defeat La Rosa Negra: