International Pro Wrestling Hall Of Fame Announces Class Of 2021

The International Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame (IPWHF) announced they would hold their first-ever induction ceremony at the Desmond Hotel on August 28, 2021 in Albany, NY.

The inaugural induction ceremony will include 24 wrestlers:


* Bruno Sammartino
* Ric Flair
* Hulk Hogan
* Andre the Giant
* Terry Funk
* Giant Baba
* Ed 'Strangler' Lewis
* Mil Mascaras
* Lou Thesz
* Buddy Rogers
* Frank Gotch
* Danny Hodge
* Great Gama
* Yusuf Ismail
* Paul Pons
* Rikidozan
* Martin 'Farmer' Burns
* George Hackenschmidt
* Evan 'Strangler' Lewis
* William Muldoon
* Satoru Sayama
* Antonio Inoki
* Stanislaus Zbysko
* Tatsumi Fujinami

Once the pandemic subsides, the IPWHF will be looking for a physical location. More information can be found at the IPWHF's website.