Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Backstage clip of Sting making his entrance on last week’s Dynamite.

* BTE Champion John Silver and Evil Uno announces a number one contender challenge (Uno). The game includes Trent, Aaron Solow, Chuck Taylor, and Shawn Dean play. Dean ends up winning and will get a shot against Silver in a game of “Skits.”

* Clip of The Acclaimed ripping on The Young Bucks and getting attacked by TH2. Cut to Nick ? still in the dumpster that he was thrown in ? who talks about hoping nobody saw that, while at the same time touting the big ratings the segment got.

* Dasha, Ortiz, and Diamante search for Santana. They find Alex Abahantes, who is watching a Dark Order video while drinking the group’s purple drink. Alex is acting weird from the drink, the group is worried about him as he heads off for a recruitment meeting.

* Silver and Reynolds look to lure Page in with a couple drinks on the floor. Dark Order in their hangout, hope they can show Page a good time as they wait. Silver wants to drink while they wait. Colt says he doesn’t drink, but Silver says he is tonight for Page! The group does a cheers for hangman

* An angry Frankie Kazarian is walking down the hallway. He bumps into Cutler while wearing a “Do ya?!” shirt, Frankie gets annoyed that Cutler is wearing his shirt and calls him a mark. Frankie then rips Cutler some more and storms off.

* Backstage, Marko Stunt tells Matt Hardy “good luck, out there” and then cracks a joke about Hardy’s outfit being as old as he is. Hardy says his outfit is “iconic” and tells Stunt about the history of the Hardy Boyz, and if it weren’t for him then guys like Stunt wouldn’t ever be in this business. Hard then asks Stunt what he’s reading, and it’s the Young Bucks’ book. Hardy says they have a bad attitude and Stunt should be better than them.

* Dark Order still drinking, 5 doing body shot off 10.

* Cutler bumps into Sammy Guevara doing his vlog with Fuego. Fuego gives congrats to Cutler’s winning streak (five in a row), but says he’s gonna be the one to break it. The two go back and forth with some jokes.

* Matt Hardy heads to the bar to talk with Private Party. Kassidy names off some drinks they have, including “betrayal on the rock.” This is in reference to Hardy eliminating Kassidy in the Battle Royale last week. Hardy says he was going for John Silver, and fully expected him to hold onto the ropes at that moment. Kassidy can’t believe Hardy thinks it’s his fault. Hardy did the same thing with Quen, but he held on and then they eliminated others. When Quen did get sent out, Hardy was so distracted for his health that Miro was able to eliminate him. Quen says they would have won with the numbers game, Hardy gets annoyed that they are questioning his mentorship. Kassidy responds he has a problem because people are calling him the minute man. Hardy tries to cool things off and says he’s just trying to show them tough love, and they will learn from that match. Hardy continues that he’s a gift for them, and has something to show them in the locker room.

* Matt and Nick walking down the hallway and bump into Kenny Omega before his AEW World Title match. They say tonight is the night, and all three of them will be champions. The brothers say they will get the room ready for a celebration, Omega seems a bit out of it and not quite as hyped up as you would think, probably knowing what he was going to do with Don Callis later in the night.

* Page finds Dark Order’s drinks, then sees them partying it up. Page makes his way into the room to get the bottle. The guys are super drunk at this point and talk about being in the Battle Royale with Page. Silver is in tears, telling Page how good he is at wrestling. Colt is passed out on the floor. Page tries to leave, but Uno gives him a hug and has a poem for him. “Hung man, I want you, I want you so bad, man. I want you, will you join the Dark Order?” Page then hears Omega’s music and that he wont the title. Page then immediately leaves.

* Matt and Nick after Omega ran out with Callis. They can’t believe he did that as they go into the EVP room. Cutler doesn’t know what’s going on and yells in celebration. He then asks where Omega is and the brothers tell him he left. They said he did what he has been teasing, Cutler asks what it was?! Matt says plainly to the camera, “Kenny turned heel.”

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