Kofi Kingston Selling Knee Injury After RAW (Video)

RAW Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston is selling a knee injury after pulling double duty on tonight's WWE RAW episode.

Tonight's show saw Kingston defeat Shelton Benjamin in singles action. There was one spot during the match were Kofi landed bad on his ankle and continued to sell the injury. After that match, Cedric Alexander called Kofi back to the ring for another match. Cedric focused on Kofi's leg and ended up winning the match by pinfall.


As seen above, Sarah Schreiber caught up with The New Day after the matches and asked how Kofi's knee is doing.

"You know, I'm gonna be alright," Kofi answered. "I'm gonna be alright. This is not ballet as they normally say. I'm gonna be just fine. You know, we had a bad night tonight, but we're gonna bounce back because that's what we do. A New Day, you know? Yeah."

It's likely that this is just a storyline injury for Kingston, but we will keep you updated. You can see clips from both matches below: