Lacey Evans Looking Forward To The End Of 2020 With Red Lingerie Instagram Post

WWE star Lacey Evans recently released a new photo on her Instagram exclaiming her joy that the dreadful year of 2020 is about to come to an end. The Sassy Southern Belle writes, "Wake me up when it's 2021...ya nasties."


Evans was one of the company's featured stars in promoting the December 6th Tribute to the Troops event due to her past service as a Marine. During that time she gave an interview expressing her gratitude to WWE for putting this show on for the men and women of the armed forces. Hear what she had to say below.

"Being able to put on a show for our troops, once a year that's focused on them, and reminding them how thankful we are, and honestly, being with a company that gives a damn about our troops, like WWE does, is incredible," Evans said. "And it's just awesome, not only to see it, but because I know firsthand, that they can escape. The families, their kids, their wives, the service member, for one day, can get wrapped up in the excitement and the energy, it's exciting!"


"It's just makes us feel good, it makes us feel good that we can do that for our families," Evans said. "That we can be a part of it, and hear it and feel it. I know it's something special to our troops.

Check out Evans' Instagram post below.