– WWE Undefeated, the first WWE mobile fighting game featuring real-time head-to-head gameplay, has released for iOS and Android devices. According to a press release sent to Wrestling Inc., the game features WWE Superstars and Legends and “blends real-time strategy gameplay, over-the-top action, and customizable moves, turning every match into a battle for the ages.”

The game offers a strategic RPG element as players can collect and upgrade WWE move cards to find the optimal set-up that best suits each wrestler and a user’s personal playstyle. It “features outrageous attacks and exaggerated character designs, all set against exotic backdrops from around the globe.”

– As previously reported, NXT star Robert Stone and his wife are opening up an f45 gym in Baldwin Park, Florida. Mark Wahlberg has bought several f45 gyms across the world. The facility was originally scheduled to open this past fall, but is now will open in January. You can get more information about the gym at this link.

– Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon sent an odd tweet to daughter Stephanie McMahon, which may have been accidentally sent publicly. Linda simply tweeted, “@StephMcMahon think”

As of this writing, the message was been re-tweeted nearly 600 times. You can view the tweet below: