Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt of The Jurassic Express were on a recent episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast with Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone. Luchasaurus discussed his time in FCW and how much Dusty Rhodes had a hand in building the foundation that he would use to eventually create the Luchasaurus character.

“He was actually one of my supporters down there,” Luchasaurus noted. “But I was always trying to find a way to put my master’s degree stuff in because for no reason, I have a medieval master’s degree. I was like, ‘how can I use this in a wrestling context?’ In promo class with Dusty, you try different things all the time, and he always had me trying different ways to pinpoint how to do that. And we couldn’t figure it out, but a lot of the stuff I do now and the way I just talk is kind of just me being myself, which is what he liked.

“I put on the mask… as soon as I became a dinosaur, I stopped trying to be a human all of a sudden. My sense of humor, it kind of became an absurdity kind of thing, and it just made it work. I wish he could have been there to see that because I think he would loved that I put a mask on and figured out something that was totally — because I never would have thought to do this on my own. It’s kind of just one of those things that we talked about.

“It organically happened, but working with him in all that promo stuff, it was cool to see it come around a few years later. ‘Oh, now this all makes sense. Wow, everything he taught me kind of clicked.’ Without that, it would have been really hard for me to ever dive into a character like this.”

Luchasaurus also explained how he got his name. He said it came from Lucha Underground, and he admitted that he thought the fans were making fun of him at first.

“Yes, I was just in the ring and it was my first time back in two years in wrestling,” Luchasaurus recalled. “And I was very nervous, and I didn’t do much, but the crowd started chanting something. I didn’t know what. I thought they were making fun of me and saying, ‘You just started!’ I was like, oh my God, they think I’m a giant greenhorn.

“So I got to the back, thinking, oh my God, I messed up. And people were like, ‘No, they were chanting Lucasaurus, man.’ I’m like, what the hell’s a Luchasaurus? ‘You! Go for it.’ I thought, I’m a giant snake? No, I’m a dinosaur. Took a while to understand exactly what that was supposed to mean, but that was it. That’s how it started.”

The Jurassic Express later took Twitter questions from fans, and one fan asked when they would pursue the tag titles. Luchasaurus admitted that they have tried to pitch trios titles, which Tony Khan has said is coming.

“We want to pitch a trios title,” Luchasaurus revealed.

“I keep asking them to let me just run in and shoot on somebody, but they keep telling me no,” Stunt said.

“Soon,” Jungle Boy stated. “Soon, whenever.”

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