Miro Addresses Why He Attacked Orange Cassidy On AEW Dynamite

At the end of this week's Dynamite, Miro brutally attacked Orange Cassidy which caused him to lose to MJF and lose his chance at the Dynamite Diamond Ring. This punctuated his feud with Orange Cassidy although some AEW fans are wondering why he did this.


After Dynamite, Miro took to social media and recorded the video above of him addressing fans' comments. He weighed in on his Orange Cassidy attack and why he's two steps ahead of everyone else.

"It is all a plan, my man. It is all a plan. There is nothing random that is happening," said Miro. "...I screwed Orange? Orange screwed Orange; let's not forget about that. Let's not forget who started this whole thing but we're not here to conversate about, 'He said. She said.' Nothing is random, my man. Nothing is random.

"It was about time somebody put Pocketman in his place."

After leaving WWE earlier this year, Miro – then still known as Rusev – said on his Twitch channel that he was "not a wrestler anymore." He was very active on Twitch, YouTube and other social media channels and some thought he had traded in his wrestling boots to be an influencer.


But Miro says that was all of his master plan and he has complete control over his destiny unlike before.

"All of these things that I'm doing, I said. But nobody pays attention because you guys talk about, 'Oh, Miro's starting a Twitch and is on YouTube and is building a social empire.' You're damn right I am because smart people have it figured out," stated Miro.

"It's about numbers, likes, subscribers, views, ratings, body counts, money, earnings, miles. That's what it's about and it's always been about that. Smart people know it. You think geniuses run the world? No, influential people like me, they run the world. And I'll be them before I let somebody else have a cloud over my head. I am going to be in control of my own destiny. No man will have that right over me. It's not about you and it's never been about you. It's always gonna be about me. And I wanna say to this Pocketman and Good Friends and all you AEW people, I've always wanted to say that. I'm here to build me and break you. It's very simple; it's very, very simple."

Miro added that he always wants more because he came from nothing and worked his way into his current position. He also won't let Cassidy or anyone else keep him from maintaining his position.


"If you cross me and Pocketman had to find out the bad way. But let this be a notice to all of you out there. I just hope that we understand each other now, we're on the same page and that we can move on," Miro said.

He then refuted the notion that he's a bully because Orange Cassidy started it and Miro is just finishing it. As for the fancy sweater that Miro was rocking on Dynamite, he said that Gucci and Versace are fighting over him in order to sponsor him.

After attacking Orange Cassidy on Dynamite, Miro then beat up some security guards and tossed one from the stage to which he said, "My thoughts and prayers are with the guy who flew off stage."

One commenter asked if Miro's attacks had to do with helping MJF get the Diamond Ring and Miro responded that he doesn't care about MJF or the Inner Circle either.

"It has nothing to do with MJF or the Inner Jerk-le. It's not about them at all. I didn't do this to help them. I have just as much beef with them as with him ? Orange Guy," revealed Miro. "But sometimes, what is the bigger evil? Today, it was the bigger evil that Orange County had to suffer the consequences.

"And when I say it's all about the numbers, in this case it is. That kid is 120 pounds. There is no physical way he can do anything to me. I don't know how to say it but he's a grown man at 120 pounds. And you guys are supporting him and think he actually has some kind of a chance. He does not and you guys are gonna get him in trouble. The fans are gonna let him believe that he could actually win. You are gonna get him in such trouble that you're gonna have to feel bad about it after. Because whatever happens, happens and it's gonna be on you, not on me. Because he can walk out right now and accept defeat and I'm never gonna touch him again. But you're gonna egg him on to this and give him that courage. This is gonna be on you, not on me."


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