MJF In Twitter Feud With Legendary Singer Dionne Warwick

AEW star MJF and legendary singer and actor Dionne Warwick have been exchanging barbs on Twitter.

The interaction started after Warwick responded to a Twitter post which noted how MJF and Chris Jericho's "Le Dinner Debonair" segment on AEW Dynamite made the The New York Times list of "Best Performances Of 2020."

Upon seeing the link on social media, Warwick jokingly wrote, "This photo made me think I was booked to wrestle somewhere. Almost called my publicist."

In his response to Warwick, MJF wrote, "You better pray you aren't or you'd be in a world of pain, princess. #BetterThanYou."

When Warwick fired back with, "I have an interview with @InStyle in 5 minutes. You're lucky this time (fighting emoji)," MJF responded by bringing up one of Warwick's songs, "Yeah yeah, Dionne. Just 'Walk on By.' Smart."

Warwick then responded with a GIF of two old men fighting with canes, along with the caption, "Try Jesus, @The_MJF. Not me."

The NY Times list included Warwick for her Twitter game over the past year or so, writing, "Warwick tweets the way she sings, smoothly, martini-dry." The list also includes actor Amanda Seyfried's performance in the movie "Mank" and Pete Buttigieg hosting "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on March 12.

As noted before, MJF and Jericho have reacted to the news of making the list. While MJF shared a touching story about how his grandfather was the inspiration behind the segment, Jericho took an indirect shot at Jim Cornette, who has been very critical of "Le Dinner Debonair."

See below for MJF and Warwick's interaction: