MJF Reveals The Duration Of His AEW Contract

MJF recently spoke to MMA Fighting and revealed the length of his current AEW contract and why the company has immense faith in him going forward.

The young star revealed the details of his contract while talking about AEW providing a platform to plenty of wrestlers who were "not used properly" by the WWE and are now being given the opportunity to shine.

"A year and a quarter ago, these incredible pro wrestlers who might not have been used properly by the monopolized company [WWE] had nowhere to go," said MJF. "Now, they do. And now that they can be showcased properly, it's sink or swim.

"And if you don't make it in AEW, the only person you have to blame is the one you see in the mirror. You're not being held back, nobody's handing me a script in AEW because they if they did, I'd chew it up and spit in their face," he added.

MJF went onto reveal that he signed a five-year contract with AEW back in 2019.

"We're all going out there and doing our thing, we're doing our version of what we feel the sport of professional wrestling is supposed to be and what I feel the sport is supposed to be — which is just me, my face, 24/7 and if we can be honest here, it's working out for AEW which is why they signed me to a five-year deal [back in 2019]."

MJF said he stands out from the rest of the AEW roster because he has the IT factor.

"The reason everyone tunes in on Wednesday is to watch me. It even shows in the ratings, quarterly or minute-per-minute; they want to know what I'm doing. That's because unlike everyone else on our roster, I have IT, and I have abundances of IT. And I love making people go, 'God I hate that guy.'"

During the interview, MJF said that MMA federations such as UFC and Bellator had stolen concepts from pro wrestling in order to promote fights and present their fighters as stars.

"Stealing is the word I would use," laughed MJF. "But they've done it very well, don't get me wrong. At the same time, I feel that's what we at AEW are doing. When we're doing it right, we're presenting pro wrestling as a sport.

"Sometimes when we are on screen, I like to have some fun and do whatever the f–k I want because I can. But when its go time, it's sport-based pro wrestling because pro wrestling is meant to be a sport.

"I might be signing and dancing one week, but I could break someone in half in a wrestling ring the very next week," he added.

The 24-year-old MJF has already headlined a PPV, AEW All Out 2020, where he challenged Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship. MJF said he's just getting started and intends on becoming "the greatest World Champion in the history of professional wrestling."

MJF will face Orange Cassidy next week on AEW Dynamite in the Dynamite Diamond match after being the last two survivors in the Diamond Battle Royal earlier this week.

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