MVP Wins Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship

MVP had a busy WWE TLC weekend as he won a Brazilian jiu-jitsu world championship the day before the pay-per-view.

Sunday's TLC pay-per-view saw MVP lead Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin of The Hurt Business to their first reign together as RAW Tag Team Champions. The day before that he was competing in the 2020 World Master IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship tournament, which took place in Kissimmee, Florida at Silver Spurs Arena.


MVP tweeted a backstage photo from RAW and revealed the tournament win. The photo shows Shelton and Cedric holding up their titles, while Bobby Lashley raised the WWE United States Title and MVP held up his medal.

"For the people that have been asking what medal I'm holding in this photo, let me inform you. On Saturday I won a Brazilian jiu-jitsu world championship competing in the IBJJF Masters tournament. The Hurt Business had an eventful weekend! Now you know. [winking face emoji] #thehurtbusiness," he explained in a tweet.

MVP competes under his real name, Hassan Hamin Assad, in the Masters-GI/Master 4/Purple division. He represents Gracie Barra Champions, which is based in Houston. He noted on Instagram that this was his 4th tournament. He also revealed that he was promoted to a brown belt after the win.


He wrote, "So it's an action packed weekend for The Hurt Business! I figured I would set the tone. I competed in my 4th IBJJF Masters Worlds Saturday and FINALLY captured a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! The elusive championship gold was finally mine! My BJJ professor @andre_gbchampionsforest also promoted me to brown belt as a result! This was a HUGE accomplishment for me. The journey continues... #ibjjfmastersworlds #thehurtbusiness #bjjtournament #bjjlife #grappler #graciebarra #legitaf #ibjjf #brownbelt #dreamchaser #champion"

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