NWA Shockwave Recap (12/22): New Champions Crowned, Nick Aldis In Action, Season Finale

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of the National Wrestling Alliance's weekly episodic, Shockwave. Today's show was taped from Thunder Studios in Long Beach California, and runs in conjunction with the United Wrestling Network. You can watch the program live on the NWA Facebook and Youtube channels, or follow along with our coverage every Tuesday. Feel free to sound off in the comments and enjoy the show!


Shockwave intro song.

Joe Galli welcomes us to another edition of NWA Shockwave and wishes everyone a Happy Holidays. Today's season finale will feature three title matches, as well as a matchup featuring the world's champion Nick Aldis.

We go to the arena...where Zicky Dice has already attacked Elijah "The Pope" Burke prior to their bout. Dice clubs Pope across the back before dropping him through a table with a gorilla press slam. Dice grabs a microphone and calls out NWA President Billy Corgan, even making fun of his latest Smashing Pumpkins release. In between his hilarious shots at Corgan Dice stomps The Pope down. He teases that his contract is up on New Year's Eve and that he may take the title and defend it for another promotion. A number of officials help Pope to his feet. Dice keeps saying that this match will not be happening, but Pope shows off his bravery and tells the referee to start the matchup.


Zicky Dice versus Elijah "Pope" Burke for the NWA Television Championship

Dice nails Pope with a corner splash. As a reminder these TV title bouts only have a time limit of 6:05 seconds. Dice chokes Pope in the corner, then unloads a flurry of strikes. Pope swings the momentum around rocks Dice with a double axe-handle. Pope goes for a running splash but Dice gets the knees up. Back suplex from Dice for a nearfall. Dice continues to shout out that he's had a 232 day title reign despite not having any successful defenses. Pope avoids three elbow drops from Dice. Both men to their feet...Dice hits Pope with a lariat. He follows up with a sleeper hold...Pope breaks free and runs through Dice with a shoulder block. Pope manages to get Dice up for a powerslam...neither man is able to get to his feet. Finally they're up...Pope slips behind Dice and sends him flying with a German suplex. A second one. A third! Pope climbs to the top...Macho Man elbow connects. Only one minute left on the clock...Dice takes advantage of his positioning and low blows Pope. He calls for his finisher...Pope counters and hits the Elijah Express. It's over!


Elijah "Pope" Burke wins by pinfall to become the new NWA Television champion

As soon as the match ends Pope grabs the microphone and thanks all the men and women at the United Wrestling Network, as well as all those involved with the National Wrestling Alliance. "We're living in a moment in time when a pandemic has a stronghold on this country. We're living in a time when men and women are struggling to make ends meets for their families." Pope then shifts into defeating Zicky Dice, saying that the TV belt is finally in the hands of someone who respects the history of the sport. He goes on to name great NWA champions like Dusty Rhodes, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and more.

Up next is the NWA world's champion Nick Aldis battling Jordan Clearwater.

Nick Aldis versus Jordan Clearwater

Tie-up. Clearwater takes Aldis down with a headlock takeover...the champ transitions into a headlock of his own. He brings Clearwater back to his feet and grabs wrist control. Clearwater reverses the pressure but Aldis immediately counters back. Clearwater pins Aldis to the mat for a one count. Both men separate and reset. Aldis grabs the wrist again, then steps behind Clearwater so he falls to the mat. Sunset flip from Clearwater...Aldis is prepared and nearly locks in the Kings Cloverleaf but Clearwater has it scouted and kicks Aldis away. Big uppercut from Aldis sends Clearwater to the ropes. Clearwater lands a kick...he bounces off the ropes for a big attack...Adlis runs the other way and surprises Clearwater with a lariat. Clearwater tries a crossbody but Aldis catches him with a big slam. Clearwater begins stringing together a series of maneuvers including a running neckbreaker. Clearwater catches Aldis in a cradle...two count. He keeps the pressure on Aldis by hitting a bulldog. He's calling for the finish...Clearwater climbs to the top...Aldis hits a big right hand, then climbs for a superplex attempt. Clearwater headbutts Aldis off and repositions himself for a missile dropkick...Aldis suckered him in and catches him with the Cloverleaf. It's over.


Nick Aldis wins by submission

Aldis shakes Clearwater's hand afterwards.

Joe Galli introduces the women's title matchup, which is now.

Thunder Rosa versus Serena Deeb for the NWA women's championship

Tie-up. Deeb forces Rosa into the corner for the early advantage...she lets Rosa out and they reset. Another tie-up. Rosa wins this round by wrestling Deeb to the mat and applying a waistlock. Deeb changes position but Rosa counters again and grabs a hammerlock. Nice sequence of submission holds by both competitors. They get back to their feet...snapmare from Deeb...Rosa keeps the pressure on her wrist...Deeb slows the action down with a headlock but Rosa once again rolls through and traps Deeb in a headscissor. Deeb catches Rosa with an arm-drag coming off the ropes...a second one...quick pin attempt but Rosa kicks out. Deeb with the headlock now. Rosa punches Deeb in the stomach to create separation. Arm-drag from Rosa this time, followed up by a big powerslam and a running senton. Cover...Deeb kicks out at two. Rosa boots Deeb into the corner...Deeb moves out of the way and Rosa collides with the turnbuckle. Deeb hits a neckbreaker on Rosa through the ropes. She jumps back into the ring and goes for a unique pin...another two. Deeb has complete control over Rosa...she sets her up for a sliding lariat...she hits it. Rosa shakes it off and whips Deeb into the corner, where Deeb connects face first with the turnbuckle. Rosa locks Deeb in a Dragon Sleeper. Deeb almost steals the match with a neckbreaker. Straight-jacket submission from Deeb. She takes the breath out of Rosa with a lungblower. Rosa quickly grabs at Deeb's hair...Deeb turns a pinning predicament into a neck crank submission and Rosa is in trouble...she struggles to get free...she does...standing double-stomp from Rosa. Shotgun knees from Rosa to Deeb in the corner. Deeb on the ropes...Rosa makes her pay with a running dropkick. Northern lights suplex by Rosa with bridge...Deeb still alive. Deeb with a lovely twist and shout neckbreaker, followed by a rude awakening. Deeb tries an arms trapped powerbomb...Rosa reverses and slams Deeb hard. Deeb is down and is holding her neck. Referee keeps Rosa away...Deeb was playing possum and attacks Rosa's leg! Rosa doesn't like that and throws big elbows...Deeb with an deathlock hold. She goes for a figure-four...she has it locked in....Rosa turns the maneuver over and now the pressure is on Deeb's leg. Deeb tries it again but Rosa kicks her to the outside. Rosa follows her out and tosses her back inside. Big German from Rosa. Running boots and Deeb is dazed. Deeb with a victory roll out of nowhere...SHE GOT HER!


Serena Deeb wins by pinfall to become the new NWA women's champion

The commentators praise both women for putting on a wrestling clinic. Rosa and Deeb share a respectful handshake post match. Deeb grabs a microphone and says that she told everyone that this was coming. "I came here to rewrite history. Thunder Rosa I have all the respect for you, but tonight this belt sits on Serena Deeb's shoulders. Going forward I will defend this championship with all the legacy, all the pride."

Main event time. Eli Drake and James Storm defend the tag team titles against Aron Stevens and JR Kratos. Kratos attacks Storm and Drake from behind. All four men brawl on the outside. Storm and Kratos use the bell on one another while Drake stomps Stevens near the commentary table. Storm goes after Stevens now and chokes him with his boot. Drake and Kratos go at it...Kratos overpowers Drake and slams his head off the steel steps. The referee is begging the competitors to get back into the ring so this bout can officially start. Stevens throws in Drake and it's officially underway.

James Storm/Eli Drake versus Aron Stevens/JR Kratos for the NWA tag team championship


Drake nails Stevens with a flying lariat and a big powerslam. Storm tags in...tandem offense from Drake and Storm. Referee is out of position so the count comes late and Stevens kicks out with ease. Stevens manages to create enough separation to bring in Kratos. The big man sends Storm to the corner but Storm's IQ allows him to get behind Kratos and blindly tag in Drake. C4 neckreaker from Drake. He takes Kratos down with a springboard moonsault. Stevens distracts Drake on the ropes, which allows Kratos to drop him with a stiff running lariat. Big boot from Kratos. Stevens and Kratos utilize quick tags to keep Drake grounded. Snapmare and flying knee from Stevens. He puts Drake in a Bully Choke...Drake is fading...Storm rallies him to his feet from the apron. Stevens avoids Drake's swinging neckbreaker and drops Drake with a lariat. Drake takes down Kratos with a blockbuster and crawls to make the tag...he gets there! Storm comes in hot and unloads strikes onto Stevens. Atomic drop and flying forearm combination for a nearfall. Storm traps Stevens in a crossface. Kratos jumps in to break it up...Kratos slaps Storm but Drake has recovered and....HUGE HART ATTACK. Stevens pulls Drake out on the pinfall attempt...low blow from Kratos onto Storm...that does it!


Aron Stevens/JR Kratos win by pinfall to become the new NWA tag team champions

That's the show friends.