Photo: Dana Brooke Reveals Black Eye From RAW

Dana Brooke took to Twitter this week and revealed that she suffered a black eye at the hands of Reckoning on Monday's RAW.

Monday's show saw the female member of RETRIBUTION lose her in-ring debut to Brooke. Brooke later tweeted to the Mia Yim Twitter account and revealed the shiner, and also tagged RETRIBUTION leader Mustafa Ali.


She wrote, "@MiaYimyou wanna keep taking cheap shots.. & play dirty w/ ur #RETRIBUTION click- I can play dirty too!! Keep @AliWWE outta it or he will get slapped around AGAIN! @wwe #wwe #raw"

She then posted a similar message and tagged the Reckoning Twitter account.

T-BAR responded and corrected her spelling, noting that it's "clique" and not "click" as Dana originally wrote. She responded, "Same s–t – stay outta it."

Yim apparently responded, via the Reckoning account, but she has since deleted the tweet.

Brooke responded to the now-deleted tweet and wrote, "Better stop running your mouth before you have to wear that mask permanently from all the cheap shots comin your way! #sorrrynotsorry – I come on my own .. you need backup [eye roll emoji]"


T-BAR continued to taunt Brooke, writing, "Oh Dana, lest we forget. @AliWWE is the @TheMessageWWE. We are knee deep in your dirt. Surveillance videos. Text messages. Emails. You were not randomly jumped. You were a targeted attack, for a very specific reason. But you already know why. #RETRIBUTION"

She responded, "I love lies!!! And targeted attack, why bc your scared ... you know what doesn't kill me makes me stronger.. – keep coming for me .. I love being a threat"

T-BAR once again corrected her spelling, noting that it's "you're" and not "your" as she wrote.

Brooke wrote back, "Ok grammar police – tooooo busy with ur kids virtual school I see [eye roll emoji] ... maybe try teaching instead .. better fit it seems"

Ali later chimed in and wrote, "You're just mad my hair is better than yours."

Brooke responded, "Ohhhh yeaaa .. I guess that's it... [eye roll emoji] – not about ur girl attacking me .. I forgot"

Reckoning made another tweet and said she's not finished with Brooke, despite the loss on RAW.

Brooke responded and made another reference to Reckoning losing her mask during the match.

She wrote, "[rotfl emoji] [eye roll emoji] Thats all ya got!? Oh it's ok, ya boys already said I was a threat!!! – I'm done with YOU! But bring ur CLIQUE I'll destroy them too!!! #wwe – #playtimeisover – bring your mask permanently you'll need it to hide your face when I'm finished with ya! @WWE"


You can see their related tweets below, along with the photo of Brooke's eye: