A new picture of former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam is doing the rounds on Twitter, leaving many fans in shock. RVD looks considerably older in the picture when compared to his last appearance for Impact Wrestling back in September.

One fan tweeted, “RVD getting older and older by the day. Childhood is fading away.”

Another fan wrote, “I thought this was a joke at first I didn’t realize it was actually RVD.”

When informed by one fan that RVD is supposed “to look messed up” for a new movie he’s shooting, the The Whole F’n Show called out the fans who thought he had grown too old.

“Uh oh. You’re going to hurt some people’s brains by adding thought to the equation,” tweeted RVD.

The movie in question is titled “A Pro Rasslin’ Movie: The Legend of Dirty Ron, Stoner Clown” and is set for release sometime in 2021. RVD’s official Instagram handle has posted more information on the upcoming movie. See below for a picture from the movie set.

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