Photo: T-BAR Posts RETRIBUTION Picture With Sixth Member

T-BAR [fka Dominik Dijakovic] has taken to Twitter to hint that Ricochet could soon join RETRIBUTION as the sixth member of the stable.

In a tweet with just the caption #RETRIBUTION, T-BAR posted a picture of the stable with Ricochet in black armor and standing next to Mustafa Ali, the leader of the vigilante stable on Monday Night RAW.


For more than a month, Ricochet has repeatedly shot down offers from Ali to join the faction. Ricochet has suffered singles losses to RETRIBUTION members MACE [Dio Maddin] and SLAPJACK [Shane Thorne] in recent weeks. In early November, Ricochet also lost to Ali in a singles bout. It is possible that Ricochet finally succumbs to RETRIBUTION's offers in a "if you can't beat them, join them" type storyline.

Ali was revealed to be the leader of RETRIBUTION back in September.

See below for T-BAR's tweet: