Ricochet suffered yet another defeat to a RETRIBUTION member on tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW, losing to T-BAR after back-to-back losses to MACE and SLAPJACK over the past few weeks. Ricochet also lost to RETRIBUTION leader Mustafa Ali last month.

After the match, T-BAR cut a promo and repeated that RETRIBUTION was “an ally” of Ricochet and want to help guide him in the right direction.

On tonight’s episode of RAW Talk, Ricochet was asked by co-hosts Charly Caruso and R-Truth if he was finally willing to join up with the vigilante stable after rejecting several offers to align himself with RETRIBUTION.

“If you asked me that question even a week ago, I would have confidently said no,” said Ricochet. “But now, I have to sit and think about it. I have to figure out what it is within myself that makes me to continue to fail.”

He continued, “I couldn’t hold onto the US title for even a few weeks, I couldn’t touch Brock [Lesnar], and then I kept losing to The Hurt Business and now to RETRIBUTION. Something’s got to change. I don’t know what it is. I have to figure it out. If I stay the same, and someone is always looking down at me, I am just looking at the lights every night.”

The former WWE US Champion admitted that his recent losses have left him “angry and upset” and he needs to resurrect his WWE career quickly.

“End of the day, I want to get up here and say its just another bump on the road,” said Ricochet. “But honestly, I can’t. The truth is, I’m angry and upset. Every time I seem to fight and regardless of how hard I fight, I end up in the same way every single time.”

As noted earlier, T-BAR tweeted a picture of RETRIBUTION with Ricochet as the sixth member of the stable.

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