Quinn McKay checks in backstage after the usual ROH signature video package. McKay throws to highlights of Brody King defeating Shane Taylor last week.

A video package is shown on Mike Bennett and Vincent.

Vincent and Mike Bennett make their entrances.

Mike Bennett vs. Vincent

Vincent steps out to the apron. Bennett runs towards Vincent, Vincent steps down to ringside. Vincent gets back in the ring and strikes Bennett several times. Later in the match, Bennett connects with several chops to Vincent. Bennett hits Vincent with a back elbow. Vincent ducks a clothesline attempt by Bennett. Bennett clotheslines Vincent. Bennett spears Vincent. Bennett goes for a Piledriver, Vincent drives him to the corner. Vincent strikes Bennett several times in the corner. The referee disqualifies Vincent.

Winner: Mike Bennett Via Disqualification

Vincent sends Bennett into the ringside barricade after the match.

The announcers recap Vincent continuing to attack Bennett during the commercial break. Vincent has Bennett set on the steps near the entrance area. Matt Taven jumps off the stage and attacks Vincent. Bateman attacks Taven. Security comes out to separate Bateman and Taven.

A video package is shown on John Walters and Tracy Williams.

John Walters makes his entrance. Flip Gordon has joined the commentary team of Caprice Coleman and Ian Riccaboni. Tracy Williams makes his entrance. The next match will be contested under Pure Rules.

Pure Rules Match: John Walters vs. Tracy Williams

They lock up. Walters locks in a headlock on Williams. Williams reverses it into a headlock of his own on Walters. Williams switches to an arm-lock on Walters. Walters takes Williams to the mat with a wrist-lock. Later in the match, Williams connects with a back elbow to the face of Walters. Walters strikes Williams. Williams hits a DDT on Walters on the top turnbuckle. Williams clotheslines Walters. Williams hits a Piledriver on Walters. Williams pins Walters for the win.

Winner: Tracy Williams

They hype next week’s show as this one comes to a close.