ROH Final Battle Results: RUSH Vs. Brody King, Jonathan Gresham In Action Against Flip Gordon

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of tonight's ROH Final Battle! The show takes place at the UMBC Event Center in Baltimore, Maryland. The Final Battle: Hour One pre-show starts at 8 pm ET on Facebook, Twitter, Best on the Planet, and STIRR City.


The main card kicks off at 9 pm ET and is available on FITE, ROH HonorClub, and traditional PPV.

- Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman, and Dalton Castle on commentary. They note Flamita, Kenny King, EC3, and Bandido are out of tonight's show due to the COVID-19 health concerns.

Dak Draper vs. LSG vs. Tony Deppen vs. Josh Woods (Winner Receives ROH TV Championship Match later tonight)

Lucha rules for this match: only two in the ring at a time, wrestlers can tag or if a wrestler's feet touches the floor, another wrestler can jump in as the legal man. Deppen and LSG immediately sent out to the floor. Woods and Draper with some mat wrestling as things get going. LSG and Deppen both eventually tag in and go to work with trading waistlocks. Deppen with a single leg takedown, both with multiple counters until Deppen drops LSG with a dropkick.


Both guys end up on the floor, which allows Woods and Draper back into the match, both try for roll up attempts, all two-counts. Woods dropkicked out to the floor, Deppen jumps in and throws a punch to Draper, then eats a shot of his own. Deppen tries for a springboard and takes a boot to the face, cover, two. Draper looks for a suplex, takes a knee to the head, but then finishes off the move, cover, two.

Draper with a gutwrench and then throws him across the ring. Draper talks some trash, Deppen is able to land a few kicks, then one to the head as Deppen heads up the turnbuckle. Draper with a deadlift suplex on Deppen in to the ring. Draper looks for a big knee, nobody home, he lifts Deppen up, and dumps him out to the floor. LSG with a flurry of offense on Draper, springboard forearm, cover, two-count. Deppen jumps into the ring and hits a facebuster on Woods.


Draper plants Deppen to the mat, and he's out to the floor. LSG up to the second turnbuckle, Draper follows him up, Woods runs in and hits a german suplex on Draper as Draper superplexes LSG. Woods and Draper battle back and forth, Woods takes a doctor bomb, cover, close three count. Woods with a triangle choke, then boots Draper out to the floor. LSG with a frog splash, Woods out to the floor, Deppen immediately sneaks in and rolls up LSG for the win.

Winner: Tony Deppen via pinfall and will face ROH TV Champion Dragon Lee later tonight

- Backstage, Quinn McKay talks with Deppen after his big win. She asks if he has a disadvantage after already having a match tonight? Deppen says that might be true, but when he came to ROH he's coming for the title to make it up to his wife and kid. He's going to win to show his child that he's not a failure. He continues that Dragon Lee will have to kill him because he's not leaving without the title.


- Hype video for tonight's ROH World Tag Team Championship Match (Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham vs. PCO and Mark Briscoe).

- Backstage, McKay says MexiSquad can't defend the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship tonight. Shane Taylor and his guys were suppose to face the champs, but since the champions haven't defend the titles in awhile they were going to forfeit the titles to the challengers. Taylor passed and said he wanted his team to win the titles the right way, and will simply wait.

- Dalton Castle wonders why he's on commentary when he could go face Ray Horus, who is still backstage, and without a match. Castle says he could make the match happen and heads off to figure that out.

- Backstage, McKay talks with Brian Johnson about his match against Danhausen. Johnson talks about Final Battle being a big deal over the years. Johnson says he dressed in all black today because he's attending a funeral, not for Danhausen, but for the fat fingered fans at home who support a clown like Danhausen.


- Jay Briscoe is headed into the building, despite his match against EC3 being called off tonight.

- Hype video for The Righteous vs. Matt Taven and Mike Bennett

- Backstage, McKay talks with Jay Briscoe about not facing EC3. Jay says he heard EC3 was out licking door handles because he was so scared of tonight's match. Jay says he still has business tonight. He checks in with Mark Briscoe about having a free night and being his partner tonight. Mark says Jay missed the boat and has a partner already. Jay isn't too thrilled about that as Mark heads off. We then see Shane Taylor approach him, "Looks like your plans changed tonight, too." They talk some trash and it's confirmed Shane Taylor vs. Jay Briscoe later tonight.

- Hype video for tonight's first-ever Pure Rules Tag Team Match

Tracy Williams and Rhett Titus vs. Fred Yehi and Wheeler Yuta (Pure Tag Team Rules)


Yehi and Titus get things started, Yehi with a koji clutch, Titus uses a rope break (which is the first of three allowed under the rules). Yuta tags in and lands a dropkick on Titus, cover, barely a one-count. Williams locks in a texas cloverleaf on Yuta, he uses a rope break (#1 for their team). Yuta is up and lands some chops to the chest. Williams lands a side suplex, then tags in Titus, and lands a clubbing blow off the second turnbuckle, gutchwrench bomb, cover, one-count. Williams and Yehi both tag in, Yehi with a big german suplex.

Yehi forces another rope break (#2). Pin attempt, Williams then breaks up the cover and that will be their last rope break. Yehi then gets covered, Yuta breaks it up and that's their second rope break, only one left for the match. Yuta tags in, counters a suplex into a pin, one count. Yuta with a springboard crossbody, boots to the face, goes to the second rope and Titus dropkicks him down to the floor.


Yehi and Williams with a flurry of strikes in the middle of the ring. Yehi then launches Williams hard into the corner. Yehi locks a dragon sleeper into the rope on Williams, they don't have a rope break. Titus put into a submission out on the floor, but he lifts up Yuta and launches Yuta into the submission to break it up. Yehi with a brainbuster, cover, two. Williams with a forearm, both Titus and Yuta tag in, multiple covers for two. Yuta eats a kick, Titus with a helicopter suplex, cover, two-count. Yuta with an enziguri, german suplex with the bridge, two-count. Yehi tags in, double team moves, Yehi with a single leg kick to Titus, Yuta tags in with a big splash, cover, two. Williams tags in, big clothesline, spicolli driver, pin, two. Williams lands a piledriver, cover, Yehi breaks it up for the last rope break. Williams with crossface lock, Williams uses the ropes for leverage and Yuta taps out.


Winners: Tracy Williams and Rhett Titus via Submission

- The main card for the Final Battle PPV begins.

Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. PCO and Mark Briscoe (ROH World Tag Team Championship)

Lethal trash talking his opponent about this not being a fight, and they need to wrestle tonight. Lethal with a drop toe hold into a headlock, but takes a few chops to the chest. Lethal then gets stomped on and kicked out of the ring. Back in the ring, Mark again gets the best of Lethal. PCO tags in, Lethal looks to tag out and PCO tells him to stay in, and offers up a free shot. Lethal tries for a waistlock, but PCO counters into a cross armbreaker. Lethal out to the floor again for a breather.

Gresham tags in, takes a back elbow, and a shot to the face, and another one. PCO then just throws Gresham out of the ring and down to the floor! Mark tags in and lands a dropkick on Lethal. PCO with a cannonball senton on Lethal. Mark with a cannonball senton down on Gresham while Lethal gets sent into the ring post. Briscoe suplexes Gresham on the apron. Chair gets thrown into the ring. Gresham and Lethal sent into each other. Mark sets the chair up in the corner, then launches off it, flipping down to the floor on the champs.


Mark and PCO celebrate, then chop each other a bit. Back in the ring, Mark with a suplex on Gresham, in comes Lethal, dropkick / german suplex on Briscoe. Mark put up on the second rope, Lethal looks for superplex, takes a headbutt and falls back. Mark leaps off and tags in PCO who swings away on Lethal. Pop-up powerbomb on Lethal, low shot on Gresham, powerslam, cover, Lethal breaks it up. Briscoe with a dropkick off the second turnbuckle.

PCO/Briscoe both leap off the top rope, PCO with the cover, Lethal able to break it up though. Assisted cutter by Gresham on PCO, cover, Briscoe stops that. Double powerbomb, sending Mark down on PCO. Lethal and Gresham go for doomsday device on PCO. Gresham up top shooting star press, cover, 1-2-no! PCO gets back up, went to take down Gresham, he moves, and PCO mistakenly spears Mark out to the floor. Gresham with a roll up on PCO for the three-count.

Winners: Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham via Pinfall


Dalton Castle vs. Rey Horus

Feeling out process in the early stages of the match until Castle is able to get the best of Horus, keeping him grounded to the mat. Both end up on the floor, Horus with a boot to Castle, then lands a big flip down on Castle. They remain on the outside and continue to battle. Horus sent into the barricade, he stops short though. Castle charges in hard and end up crashing over the barricade, looks like he caught his knee at the top of it. Back in the ring, Horus drops Castle, cover, two.

Horus with a step-up springboard tornado DDT, cover, Castle with a rope break. Castle recovers, north/south powerslam to Horus, cover, two. Castle looks for another, nope, but lands a knee strike to the head. Castle to the second rope, Horus leaps up and hits a with a tornado driver, cover, 1-2-3!

Winner: Rey Horus via Pinfall

Mike Bennett and Matt Taven vs. The Righteous (Vincent and Bateman with Vita VonStarr)

Taven and Bennett charge the ring and everybody is swinging as the bell rings. Bennett and Taven get right to work, superkick / spear on Vincent, Taven then swings away on Vincent's face. Bateman tags in and throws a weak chop block to Taven. Bateman takes an enziguri, and is able to tag out. Bennett with a flurry of chops to Bateman, avoids Vincent, and gives him the same treatment. Bennett with big clotheslines, fisherman's buster on Bateman, then a spinebuster on Vincent.


Vita does a split as she gets in the ring for the distraction, Bateman blocks the spear with a knee to the head. Vincent with a side effect, cover, two. Bennett really getting worked over ever since Vita's distraction. Bateman digging at Bennett's eye, throws a shot to the side of the head and grinding his wrist into Bennett's eyes. Vincent gets back into the match, body slam, Vince up to the top, leaps off and eats a superkick. Vincent returns fire with a pump kick and goes for a guillotine choke.

Bennett fights out of it and lands a brainbuster. Both Bateman and Taven tag in. Taven hits a dropkick, clothesline, spinning heel kick, side russian leg sweep, spinning neckbreaker. He then nails Vincent with a springboard kick and then lands a suicide dive on him. Bateman goes out and throws Taven back in the ring. Taven hits a springboard kick on Bateman, running knee. Vincent runs in and locks in a guillotine choke on Taven. Backbreaker on Vincent by Taven, but Bateman drops Taven, cover, two.

Vincent tags in, lands a senton, cover, two. Bennett runs into the ring and spears Vincent. Bateman lifts and throws Bennett. Taven with a DDT on Bateman and all four wrestlers are down. Vincent and Taven swing away, double pump kick put both guys down. Both Bateman and Bennett tag in, back and forth chops. Bennett lands a spear on Bateman, and hit a spiked piledriver on Bateman, cover, Bateman kicks out. Taven selling a knee injury after that one.


Bennett and Bateman on the apron, death valley drive on Bateman. Vincent then hit a suplex on Bennett on the floor. Vincent and Taven battle in the ring, but they aren't the legal men. Taven tries for a frog splash, Vincent gets his knees up. Taven plants Vincent and then locks in the koji clutch, but Vincent gets to the ropes. Bennett holds Vincent up as Taven hits a big frog splash from the top rope down to the floor! Back in the ring, Bennett hits a piledriver on Bateman,, Bennett with a double team move (shining wizard / backpack stunner) for the win.

Winners: Mike Bennett and Matt Taven via Pinfall

- Post-match, Vita with a double lowblow on both Taven and Bennett. Vincent hits orange sunshine on Taven. He then zip ties Taven to the ropes. Vita chokes Taven with her legs. Vincent brings out a wooden block to break Bennett's ankle. He grabs a chair and whacks Bennett's leg. Bennett yells in agony. "Happy Anniversary, best friend," Vincent says to Taven as he leaves the wooden block with him. Officials check on Bennett.

Danhausen vs. Brian Johnson

Johnson talking a lot of trash, they shakes hands. Quick pump kick by Danhausen, quick pin for a two-count. Danhausen with a second rope hurricanrana. Johnson out to the floor, Danhausen wants to hear his music as he hits a running knee on Johnson. Back in the ring, Danhausen gets crotched on the top rope, cutter, cover, two.


Johnson gets on the mic and tells Danhausen sucks, he then punches him, and talks more trash about Danhausen letting down all his fans. Danhausen sent hard into the corner. Johnson wants the camera to stay on him as he talks more trash about the fans at home thinking they know anything about wrestling. Johnson drops Danhausen, goes for a cover, two.

Johnson talks some more, but Danhausen gets in a weak spear. Johnson with a shot off the top rope, then a spear. Johnson yammers on the mic some more and hits a big clothesline on Danhausen, cover, two. He checks with the referee on that, Danhausen with a northern lights suplex, then hits another german suplex. Danhausen with another shot, german suplex with the bridge for a two-count. Gordon with another rope break, that's two. Gresham with a big kick to Gordon's arm.

Danhausen with a GTS, cover, 1-2-Johnson grabs the rope. Johnson to the outside, Danhausen with a suicide dive, then throws Johnson back in the ring. Danhausen goes to get in and gets lowblowed as Johnson kicks the middle rope. Johnson opens up Danhausen's bottle of teeth and pours some in his mouth. Johnson with a thrust kick, countered into a pin for two.


Danhausen is kicked and the teeth fly into the ref's eyes. Johnson spikes Danhausen, pin (easily would have won), but the referee is not with it. Danhausen then does the Eddie Guerrero spot with the microphone, pretending he got hit with it (also rubbing some of his facepaint on it). Referee didn't see it, but he ends up calling for the bell anyways. Danhausen now has a contract with ROH.

Winner: Danhausen via Disqualification

Dragon Lee (c) vs. Tony Deppen (ROH World TV Championship)

Amy Rose on commentary. Multiple quick counters from both wrestlers, they battle on the floor with Lee getting the best of him. Lee tosses Deppen in the ring, hits a double stomp off the top rope, cover, two. Deppen with a big drop kick, lands a flurry of strike, but the champion fights back, snap dragon, moonsault northern lights, boot to Deppen's face and both guys are down.

Back and forth shot in the middle of the ring. Deppen trips up Lee, boot to the face and then lands a facebuster, cover, two-count. Enziguri on Lee, he's on the top rope, Deppen goes up but gets dropped, Lee with a double stomp, cover, two-count. Lee hits a back elbow, forearm in the corner and puts Deppen up on the top turnbuckle.


Lee goes up and ends up taking a somersault neckbreaker, Deppen with a running knee, cover, two. Deppen tries for a knee, blocked, but lands a big knee the second time. Lee hits one of his one, poisonrana, running knee strike, cover, two-count. Lee with a big driver, cover, two. Lee stomps on Deppen's neck, running knee strike, pin 1-2-3.

Winner: Dragon Lee via Pinfall

Shane Taylor vs. Jay Briscoe

Lots of strikes early on from both wrestlers. Taylor with shots in the corner, then a big clothesline. Jay throws some bombs of his own. Jay tries for a kick, blocked, Taylor with a huge punch to Jay that sends him quickly to the mat. The two brawl out on the floor. Jay with a big boot to the face.

Back in the ring, Jay continues his offense with boots in the corner. Taylor recovers and lands a big shot to Jay, referee starts up his count. Taylor sees him getting up and chokes him over the middle rope, then throws some punches to the ribs. Jay trying to fight back, Mark makes his way down to the ring, as does Taylor's guys. Both sides just watching on from their respective corners.


Jay look for a choke on Taylor, but he fights out of it. Jay tries for it again as Taylor attempts to get to the rope, but falls down to one knee. Referee checking on Taylor, but he wakes up on the third count and gets to the rope. Jay driller attempt, Taylor counters it. Jay hits a neckbreaker, cover, two-count. Taylor clocks Jay, marcus garvey driver, cover, two-count. Taylor hits another driver on Jay, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Shane Taylor via Pinfall

Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Flip Gordon (ROH Pure Championship)

The two shake hands as the match gets going. Each trade arm submissions as the match begins, early rope break from Gordon and that's his first of three allowed rope breaks. Gresham is really focused on Gordon's arm in this match, so far. Gordon having a tough time stringing things together against the champ. Gresham with an arm drag on his opponent.

Gresham traps both of Gordon's arms behind him and wrenches back of them. He then pulls back on Gordon's leg and yanks back on that, it goes into a pin for a two-count. Gresham had Gordon in a hold, Flip shoves back into the ropes for the break and the referee says that's the last of his break. Flip is annoyed at that while Gresham smiles.


Gordon with a step-over pin attempt, for two, then lands an enziguri. Gordon with some chops to Gresham's chest. Pace picks up with Gordon hitting a superkick, cover, Gresham with a rope break (#1). Gresham up on the second rope, Gresham leaps off, nobody home, lands rough and he's holding his knee now. Gordon really focusing on the knee now, goes for a figure-four. Fisherman's suplex on the champion for two-count. Gordon with a low dropkick to that injured knee. Gordon with a single leg boston crab.

Gordon tries for a low dropkick again, Gresham moves his leg then kicks Gordon's bad arm. Gordon lands a dragon screw leg whip, STF locked in, Gresham gets to the rope (#2). Gordon with a back elbow, then ends up on the apron. Gordon tries to get up to the top turnbuckle, Gresham stops him and then works over the bad arm. Gordon looks for a sunset bomb, blocked, Gresham punches the arm, Gordon hits a superkick, dropping Gresham to the mat. Falcon arrow on Gresham, two, goes right to STF, and Gresham gets to the rope for his last rope break. Both wrestlers are out of rope breaks.


Back and forth shots until Gresham drops him. More strikes in the middle of the ring until Gordon hits a closed fist punch to Gresham, which gets him a warning from the referee. More forearms from both wrestlers. Gordon with a low kick, kip up, enziguri, german suplex with the bridge. Gordon with a kick, goes into a kneebar, then a single leg boston crab, now the STF again! Gresham rolls out of the ring to break up the move. Both end up on the top rope, Hammerlock superplex down on Gordon's arm! Gresham with a running forearm, cover, 1-2-no. He goes again, 1-2-no. Gresham goes for a third one, but Gordon is out, referee gets in the way, checks Gordon, and stops the match!

Winner: Jonathan Gresham via Referee Stoppage (Knockout)

- Post-match, Gresham looks for the post-match handshake, Gordon declines it.


RUSH (c) vs. Brody King (ROH World Championship)

King goes for a handshake, RUSH kicks it away. RUSH with a flurry of strikes on King, then spits on him. RUSH ducks a clothesline, but then gets nailed with a second one. RUSH to the floor, King looks to fly, but takes a forearm, sending King out to the floor. King back in the ring, forearm, sends RUSH to the floor, King then hits a big suicide dive on the champ.

RUSH sent into the barricade, and continues to beat him up at ringside. King stacks up some chairs on the floor, picks RUSH up and body slams him down on the chairs. King then hits a running senton on RUSH (who was still on the chairs). He brings RUSH over to the timekeeper's table, but decides against it and sends the champ into the ring.

King throws more big strikes, clotheslines in the corner, plants RUSH to the mat, cover, two. RUSH dodges King, hits a suplex, running knee, King to the floor and RUSH with a flip over the top and down on King. King then launched into the barricade a few times. RUSH swings the barricade door a few times into King's head. Referee barks at RUSH, but lets it go. RUSH then grabs a cable and chokes King with it. He then whacks King a few times with it, referee is letting all of this go. RUSH then goes back to choking King with the cable.


King is finally sent back into the ring as RUSH celebrates with the "crowd." RUSH tells the camera he's back in his house and will be a champion for a long time. King goes for a shot on the apron, but he catches it and locks him up in the ropes then does his tranquillo pose. King finally gets his hands on the champ with some chops, but RUSH hits some of his own. King gets his legs swept and then stepped on. RUSH looks for bull's horns (double knees), stops and lightly boots King in the face and poses again. King charges and takes an overhead release german suplex, cover, two.

King and RUSH end up on the top rope. King looks for the pepsi plunge, but it gets blocked, and he then takes a superplex, cover, two. Black hole slam by King, cover, two-count. King with kicks and slaps, big chop to the chest. Back and forth chops in the middle of the ring. RUSH with a knee strike, gets King in the corner, looks for bull's horns, King hits a spear, pin, two-count. King hits a big lariat, gonzo bomb, and out runs Dragon Lee to distract the referee. In from behind, RUSH's dad (La Bestia del Ring) gets in the ring with a chair and whacks King over the head. King in the corner now, bull's horns, cover, 1-2-3.


Winner: RUSH via Pinfall

- Post-match, commentary says La Bestia del Ring is a new member of La Facción Ingobernable. The Foundation heads out to the stage and isn't happy with what they see in the ring. The two sides jaw a bit as the show closes.