Through a new Instagram post, Rob Van Dam recalls the story of when he was called up to WWE as a 22-year-old enhancement talent in 1992.

According to RVD, he purposely used the name “Matt Burn” in his match against The Mountie since The Whole F’n Show had already generated some buzz in the wrestling business and didn’t want people to recognize him while doing the job for an established WWE star.

RVD also revealed that even though other WWE agents were complimenting his bumps, Gorilla Monsoon was pissed off with the rookie due to his attire.

“After a quick match with the Mountie, some agents were complimenting my bumps when Gorilla Monsoon noticed my shirt,” recalled RVD. “‘Were [sic] you wearing that in the ring? What’s the matter with you?!!’ He was pissed and wanted to boot me in the ass!”

RVD, presently a free agent, revealed recently that he has yet to engage in any talks with AEW.

See below for RVD’s Instagram post: