– The above video is the full 2009 Extreme Rules ladder match between Jeff Hardy and Edge (c) for the World Heavyweight Championship. Jeff Hardy defeated Edge to win the title but quickly lost it after CM Punk successfully cashed in the WWE Money in the Bank briefcase.

– On last night’s SmackDown, Big E and Apollo Crews made fun of Sami Zayn for his lack of merchandise. Now WWE has released a new t-shirt for the Intercontinental Champion.

It didn’t take long for Zayn to comment on social media about the t-shirt. He called it the “greatest merch shirt in WWE history.”

His full tweet was, “I like how Big E & Apollo Crews tried to mock me last night and instead it resulted in me getting the greatest merch shirt in @WWE history.”

Below is the tweet:

– Mansoor recently spoke about The Undertaker with students at the General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia. He explained that it was Undertaker who inspired him to work in WWE.

“When I was a kid, my favorite wrestler was The Undertaker,” he revealed. “Hands down the most amazing wrestler I’ve ever seen. I think overall my favorite wrestler is The Undertaker, and you know he just retired so it was a very emotional moment for me because my entire life there has been an Undertaker. From the moment I was born, there was an Undertaker. His career has been longer than my entire life. He’s such a larger than life presence. I have so many memories of being a kid and watching the moments that he – like there was this Survivor Series where Randy Orton was in the ring and he had just won a match and they drag in a coffin, and lightning hits the coffin and it gets set on fire. Then The Undertaker just kicks down the door and everyone goes [immitates the crowd’s reaction]. There is nothing else in the world you can get the exact same feeling as watching a man kick the door of a coffin down that’s set on fire by a lightning bolt. That’s why WWE is amazing and that’s why I wanted to be apart of it.”

Below is the video: