WWE costume designer Sarath Ton, aka Mikaze, has revealed that the late Brodie Lee was the legal witness during his marriage with SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks back in 2016.

Through a new Instagram post, Ton revealed that he’s been friends with Lee and his wife Amanda Huber longer than he has known his own wife. Ton also uploaded a picture from the wedding in which his father is posing with Lee.

Ton wrote, “Here’s a photo from my wedding day, showing two people whom I hold very dearly to my heart. My father, and someone in which he and his wife @mandahuber, I’ve known longer than I’ve known own wife.”

Ton added his only wish was for Lee to visit his father’s home again so his mother could have made “amazing spring rolls” for the departed wrestler.

“My only wish is that he could have visited my father at his home, so that my mom could make him some more amazing spring rolls,” wrote Ton. “I love you brother. Your family is my family. That will never change!!!”

Amanda, the wife of Lee, responded to Ton’s tribute.

She wrote, “I love you so much. You owe me drinks soon. Fruit salad all around. And mama’s spring rolls.”

See below to read Ton’s entire Instagram post: