AEW star Scorpio Sky has been a pro wrestler for nearly 20 years but has also dabbled in MMA, working a few fights before deciding to pursue a career in wrestling.

In a recent interview with Chris Mueller of Bleacher Report, Sky said that although he is not chasing any MMA fights, the SCU member is keen to fight YouTube internet personality Jake Paul if the opportunity presents itself.

“I was watching that YouTube guy who fought Nate Robinson. I wouldn’t mind fighting him. That would be fun,” said Sky. “I think it was Jake Paul. It was a viral thing that he knocked Robinson out. He wouldn’t knock me out like that, I can tell you right now.”

Sky, one half of the first-ever AEW World Tag Team Champions, emphasized that he would gladly “school” Paul, who has been extremely vocal since knocking out former NBA star Nate Robinson a few weeks ago.

“I am not throwing out any challenges but if the opportunity presented itself and made sense, I would be glad to school him a little bit,” said Sky. “Maybe we can do a special event with AEW and boxing, and we can do a tag team match with me and Floyd Mayweather Jr. against the Paul brothers.”

During the interview, Sky also spoke about his new podcast which he will host along with Rooster Teeth content creator James Willems. Their podcast, titled Wrestling With The Week, premieres on January 18

“The idea behind this podcast is to do something fun,” Sky said. “It’s been a really tough year for everyone worldwide. Everyone has shared in their own tragedies, and we wanted to put out something fun. Not only will we be covering wrestling but there will also be something for everyone.”