Shaq Has Water Thrown At Him On AEW Dynamite

Tony Schiavone spoke with Shaq and Brandi Rhodes on tonight's AEW Dynamite. Brandi's arm was in a sling after being attacked by Jade Cargill a few weeks back, and was hoping they could work things out so nobody else got hurt. Shaq said he had a lot of love for the Rhodes family, but would be happy to see Brandi and Jade in the ring. Shaq later insulted Brandi and got a drink tossed on him.

Below is a full recap:

Tony Schiavone sitting with Brandi Rhodes (who has her arm in a sling from Jade Cargill's attack from a few weeks back). Tony then introduces Shaq. Brandi didn't appreciate Tony giving Shaq all those accolades, but she barely got anything. Shaq then talks about Jade, says he's a big fan, and they've gone back a long way. Shaq then says he didn't appreciate what she did to Brandi's arm. Brandi would agree with that and felt like Jade came into her house and came at her people wrong. Brandi hopes we can stop this and nobody else gets hurt. Tony brings up to Shaq about being on Dynamite.

Shaq says he's got a lot of love for the Rhodes family, but he'll be happy to see Brandi and Jade go at it. Brandi shakes hands with Shaq and is glad they can work things out. She goes to leave and Shaq throws a shot about Brandi's arm and maybe she can get some pointers from Jade. Brandi doesn't appreciate the disrespect, and says she's "sick of this s—." Brandi then tosses a drink on Shaq, calls him an "overgrown assh—," and walks out.

A month ago, Jade Cargill dropped Shaq's name during a segment with Cody Rhodes, who has been referring to himself as a "Giant Killer." In August, Shaq commented about facing Cody:

"I'd love to fight Cody," O'Neal said. "Write it. Print it. Text it to him. Call AEW up and tell them."

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You can check out highlights from the segment in the images below: