Steve Austin Pays Tribute To WWE Hall Of Famer Pat Patterson

WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson passed away at the age of 79 on Wednesday, December 4 due to liver failure.

WWE shared a video of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin talking about the inaugural WWE Intercontinental Champion. In the tribute, Austin talks about how Patterson will also be remembered for all the knowledge he passed to every Superstar.

"His biggest contribution to the business, along with a great body of work, was all of the knowledge that he passed to all of the Superstars who came through those doors," Austin said. "So instrumental in my career, really in The Rock's career, but in every WWE Superstar who came through those doors. He would instill the knowledge and learnings and psychology and ways to take things further and further and further, a way to push the envelope as far as creativity. I'm gonna miss him. I'll say this. Pat Patterson is gone, but he'll always be remembered. That dude lived one of the craziest, most fun, interesting and amazing lives anybody has ever lived. Bottom line."

As noted, a tribute to Patterson opened yesterday's WWE SmackDown with the entire roster on stage as well as WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon and Hall of Famer and Patterson's friend Gerald Brisco.

Below is the video: