Steve Austin Shares Heartfelt Throwback Post With CM Punk

WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin has taken to Instagram to share two pictures of himself with CM Punk, one taken a few years ago at his place in Marina del Rey and another captured more than 20 years ago when Punk was a teenager.


Through the heartfelt post, which can be read below, Austin praised Punk as a great in-ring worker and "dynamite on a microphone."

"Throwing it back a couple of years ago and many years ago. First pic is a while back when @cmpunk stopped by my place on the Mean Streets of Los Angle Eze. Marina del Rey to be exact. Same town @georgestrait sang about...
Second pic is after a show at the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago. At the hotel/restaurant we always stayed at when we were in town.
I think it was the Clarion or something like that.
Anyway, Chicago would turn out to be one of my best towns to work. And the Rosemont was my fave building to work because of the acoustics there. You could hear everything instantly and it was loud. Crazy ass fans that you love to work for. The kid I met many years ago did pretty damn good for himself. Great worker in the ring and dynamite on a microphone."


Earlier this year, Punk named Stone Cold as the one dream opponent he never got the opportunity to face during his WWE career.

See below for Austin's Instagram post: