A new paid advertisement by AEW CEO Tony Khan and head commentator Tony Schiavone appeared during tonight’s IMPACT Wrestling.

In the paid advertisement, Tony Khan says he has no issue running these paid ads on IMPACT because he’s happy to help “fund the program.” He also won’t be slapping an injunction on AEW World Champion Kenny Omega for being on the promotion.

“It’s great to be here on IMPACT Wrestling helping fund your program via these paid ads,” Tony Khan said. “You get a lot of nice things here on IMPACT Wrestling. One of those things is AEW Champion World Champion Kenny Omega. I’m gonna let you keep seeing Kenny, I’m not gonna slap an injunction on him because I think Kenny Omega is one of the two best wrestlers in the world along with Jon Moxley, who he stole the championship from. I think there’s nobody better than Kenny Omega to go around and show the image of AEW. I just wish he didn’t win the title the way he did.”

Tony also called out Don Callis in the ad. He told Don that if he decides to show up on tomorrow’s AEW Dynamite, he will teach him a few lessons about the wrestling business.

“Don Callis, you came to my show and taught me a lesson? You taught me nothing, Don. We did our biggest rating of the year. I’ve got one of the greatest champions in the world and he’s out here doing free press for us that I’m not paying for. I’m happy to pay for these ads, though, Don. I’m gonna teach you a thing or two about the wrestling business. I’m gonna see Kenny tomorrow and you’re welcome to come with him if you want and I’ll start teaching you your lessons.”

The ad concluded with Tony Schiavone taking shots at IMPACT and a preview for tomorrow’s Dynamite.

You can watch the full ad below: