Triple H On The Main Thing WWE Looks For In New Talent

Triple H spoke at Sports Business Journal's 2020 Learfield IMG College Intercollegiate Athletics Forum earlier this week and talked about the main thing that WWE is looking for in talent – charisma.

"For us, charisma is king," Triple H said. (H/T to Metro UK) "I'm looking for that person, male or female, that walks into a room and you're drawn to them. That just has that charisma factor."


Triple H also admitted that he has the same approach when it comes to the WWE boardroom. While experience is important, desire can often be what it takes to elevate someone's chances with the company.

"You're looking for the people that have the skillset," he continued. "But it's funny for me, I'll take heart and hunger. They'll work a lot harder and they might make mistakes, but in those mistakes you'll find excellence. And they'll go above and beyond to prove themselves."

Triple H also discussed the WWE Performance Center in Orlando and the WWE UK Performance Center in London, noting that the facilities are helping shape the future of the business.

"[It's] really the key to the future for us, because it allows us to create the stars of tomorrow," he said. "And when you look at the rosters of Raw, SmackDown and NXT but especially of Raw and SmackDown, 95% of those talent came through the Performance Center and that system."